What I think and what I know

Just back from the game. Disappointing is an understatement. A few random thoughts……

  • I think that was the worst effort I have seen from a Muss coached Hog team.
  • I know I don’t see any consistent on-court leaders on this team.
  • I think this season will still end with an NCAA-T bid.
  • I know we will not be ranked on Monday.
  • I think we have enough pieces to have a really good team before March is over.
  • I know Coach Muss has more work than he ever imagined, to get us there.
  • I think we actually practice playing team defense.
  • I know we don’t play very good team defense right now.
  • I think Coach Muss didn’t whole heartedly believe KK is really the point guard answer for this team, when he started him tonight.
  • I know I am tired of the “KK should play more” debate.
  • I think the best option at PG was sitting right behind the Hog bench tonight.
  • I know that I will be glad when Derrian Ford is eligible as a Razorback.
  • I think we might have 1 player on our current roster who will ever make an NBA roster some day.
  • I know that Jalen Williams has a nice-looking shot, and will need to knock down the 15-20 foot shot more consistently to be that 1 future NBA player.
  • I think there were some recruiting misses on this roster.
  • I know if basketball IQ was equated to GPA, we would have some ineligible players.
  • I think layup lines for pregame warmups are an absolute waste of time.
  • I know our shooters could use all the reps they can get, practicing shots that you typically shoot in a game.
  • I think Coach Muss’s antics and idiosyncrasies are what they are, and have nothing to do with his coaching ability.
  • I know when you lose, every little thing becomes scrutinized on a different level.
  • I think our first half shooting was colder than the walk from the car to the Arena.
  • I know there was a really nice crowd there tonight.
  • I think this team is still better than Coach Muss’s first Hog team.
  • I know the sun will come up tomorrow and I’ll remain grateful that I got to spend quality time with my kids.

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


I don’t see this. Isaiah, Mason and Jimmy Whitt would be 3 best players on this team. Didn’t have any depth but strong at the top.

You might be tired of the KK debate, but Muss started him last night and gave him 2 measly minutes. I’m sure KK had a ton of family there (including his super talented little brother). Why embarrass the kid like that? He had 4 assists in 2 minutes. Why the quick hook?


I hope this is a tournament team but afraid it is not.

Talk of similar skids last year at this time as gets mentioned is not apples to apples in my opinion.

Smith had been injured early.

I was so hopeful Muss had emphasized bringing Smith back one more year to ensure leadership on a team that would need it.

Yeah, it looked to me that it was just a courtesy start so his name could be called since he had lots of fans from central Arkansas. In retrospect, I wish he’d just given him 10 minutes off the bench and a REAL look as our PG.

What few minutes he got, I thought he looked good. His 3s were good open shots and he made 1 of them and all were close, not way off or air balls. He had 4 assists and worked extremely hard on D. He did let his man drive rather easily around him a couple of times though, as did every player on the team. I still think his usual lateral quickness is missing, be it pain or mental.

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I’m usually guilty of drinking too much Hog Koolaide, but not now. I have to be a realist about this team. We have played 13 games (2 exhibition) and we have not been impressive and, to me, we don’t look like an NCAA Tourney team. Muss may turn it around, and I’m all in supporting him doing that, but I just don’t see it. I know we have alot of games left, but I just don’t see us doing better than 9-9 in SEC games. Muss has his work cut out for him…

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Agreed. The only justification for the yank could be a defensive breakdown on something he has been given extensive practice time to correct.

Nice summary… I have two words of encouragement: Hog’s baseball.

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These are basically my thoughts as well. It’s not even based on some the-sky-is-falling emotion. I just don’t see a team that is all that good. I sincerely hope I’m proven wrong—I want to be wrong.

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I agree Jeremy. I am not asserting that Muss is wrong in not playing him more. I don’t see practice. Nor do I know anything about KK’s attitude. All I DO know is Muss himself said in the pregame interview that he was changing the starting lineup, bringing JD and Connor off the bench, and starting Stan and KK. Then KK played what, 2 minutes? And was sat down for JD. Conor never played at all. Muss kinda set up our speculation.

That said he’s the coach and I am glad that he is. Just seems weird to announce a “changed starting lineup” and play one of said starters 4 total minutes. And sit him after 2 at the beginning of the game.

Muss may not have plans for KK moving forward and if that is the case, fine. He knows how he performs in practice. Muss knows what he wants. But I’d be stunned if KK doesn’t head for the portal now. Unless…maybe…the ankle still bothers him…and he and Muss have a mutual plan.

I always support the coach…or almost always…and I am not the voice of criticism now. I just thought that last night and KK was weird. Unless there is a plan, I can’t imagine KK not feeling humiliated.

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On the KK debate… just my old brain rolling things around in the empty cavity of my head.

Maybe Muss knows that KK is not going to be here next year so not willing to spend the effort on making him the PG when he is headed to transfer. I just can’t see KK staying here. He is too good and talented to be riding the bench and I just think it is an inevitability that Mr. Robinson will transfer.

I think last night as someone mentioned above it was possibly a courtesy start so his family and friends could hear his name announced as a Razorback in his home area.

As I said I know nothing inside or outside this is just my personal speculation.

Agree with the transfer speculation. Not so much with the courtesy start. Just doesn’t make sense. It was more of an insult than a courtesy.

At some point the fans are going to let muss hear it I would think. Maybe jd and Lykes will just completely turn into all stars and it will be water under the bridge. But that’s beyond wishful thinking at this point. it’s painfully obvious we need some new life in the backcourt. And I don’t get this whole obsession with the point guard play. I mean ya our point guards have been terrible but so have the shooting guards. Seems like a total cop out for jd and Lykes and devo to blame it all on if we just had a solid point guard. Then what? Them other guards will all the sudden stop making turn overs and missing jump shots? Give me a break. They are playing like trash and nobody is going to start making their three pointers for them. We need kk and jaxon our there because the other guys had their chance and… well what happened to muss’s big talk about having already addressed notaes efforts to shoot himself out of the slump and it hasn’t worked so playing time is gonna change? That really struck me is all talk. I would be pissed if I was on the bench right now watching my teammates just shoot and shoot and shoot away any chance of a winning season. Heck at this point I’d be ok with letting Vanover jack up 10-15 jumpers every game. Somethings gotta change

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I do not see the Hogs as a top 12 or better tourney seed. Maybe if we played in the Sunbelt. I’m not even sure they are top 8 in the SEC. I see no chemistry on this team, no quality shooters, lots of lazy guarding, and weak bigs.

Yes, I agree that our team is really struggling right now. Muss has time to turn it around, but I don’t know if he can. We are a poor shooting team and as others have stated, we play poor team defense.

To me, team defense is the key. If we can come out and play aggressive team defense, we have the opportunity to be a factor in the SEC. Because we are a poor shooting team, we can’t match the better SEC teams bucket for bucket. Defense has to be our salvation.

I love this board but I can’t figure why so many are predicting guys transferring out of the program. I hope some of you like me are just extremely frustrated.

Recruiting a new team each year using the portal is a gamble. Sometimes the gamble does not pay off.

Do we not have any stud freshman who can be worked into the mix this year?

We need someone to run the offense and give it some organization and structure.

Lots of stud freshmen next year. No doubt. And maybe Muss knows KK is gonna transfer. I think Muss is a great coach. But he can be impulsive and a little petulant. Last night’s handling of KK won’t go into the pantheon of Muss’ great handling of players IMO.


A coach is human and of course can and will make mistakes. Players are subject to do the same. I think it’s a little early to give up on either. I just hope to see maximum effort from coaches and players going forward.