What I think, and what I know: Baseball edition

I have to admit my expectations for this team has dwindled quite a bit because they continue to fail in the part of the game that determines a good majority of close games and that is how well do you hit with runners in scoring position. Postseason baseball games are going to be close and you’re not going to get a tremendous amount of opportunities in those areas and when you get them you are going to come through and for whatever reason this year we have just been really really bad in this area.

I want us to win so bad but I just don’t get the warm fuzzies with this group,that and our starting pitching is very unpredictable. Baseball is a strange game though, you can catch a groove and ride it for a few weeks hopefully we can do that.


If you go 10-4 in the postseason, you can win the natty: Three wins in a regional with one loss, two wins in a super with one loss, 3-1 in Omaha, 2-1 in the championship series. Or of course just run the table and go 10-0.

Is this team capable of winning 10 out of 14? Well, we were 11-4 at the halfway mark of SEC play; you tell me.

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That’s just the point we don’t know what this team is capable of, we started off 7-2 in the conference but have went 10-8 since… we are very inconsistent offensively.We don’t know what we’re going to get out of each starting pitcher.we pretty much know what we’re going to get out of the bullpen every night and our defense for the most part is usually excellent, that’s about the only two things we know we do very well on a consistent basis.
I think the potential is there, but we’re going to have to get more consistent in our starting pitching and hitting with runners in scoring position to do it.
I’m sure teams are going to throw left-handers at us knowing that we hit about 200 against them, I know I would,so there are some unknowns ahead,hopefully we can get it together.

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My expectations are lower this year than they were this time last year, but that’s probably a good thing for me. I didn’t just hope for Omaha, I was almost certain of it. This year I know we’re capable of getting there, but instead of us being the clear #1 team, we’re one of about 15 teams who have a decent chance to get there.

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Well, just to balance the scales a bit…I don’t mind Dolan’s style. He’s not my favorite of all time or anything. But neither do I dislike him/his style. In fact, one of the things I like most about him is that he doesn’t seem to mind saying things beyond the usual cliches. He will criticize or question strategy like most knowledgeable fans if he’s got an issue with a play or approach. He doesn’t constantly criticize the team, but neither does he put them on a pedestal and make them exempt from criticism if he feels like it’s warranted. I like that.

Also - I’m not a big fan of what former Razorback Troy Eklund brings to the broadcast, so I don’t mind if Dolan eats up most of his time. Nice guy…but doesn’t bring much to the broadcast booth, IMO.

I’m pretty sure no one really cares what I think, and I’m not looking for affirmation. As mentioned, just trying to weigh in for the “other side”.

Yep. When Troy does say something, it’s pretty much to agree with something Brett said.

I don’t mind either Dolan or Eklund. They’re pro-Razorback & that’s my main criterion for liking a broadcaster unless they have some particular tic that annoys me. They don’t.


Yeah I don’t have a problem with the broadcast at all. I’m just glad I get to watch it


Me to, I can just tune out some broadcasts mentally as long as I get to see the action

I’m paying attention to what’s going on on the field so much I’m not aware of what all they’re saying to be honest.

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Pretty sure

Wondering if we can get an update on what you think and what you know

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What I know is this team now has to try to win games in Hoover. I hate going into the SEC tourney in that situation.

What I think is the same as I thought the other day. This is an “off” year for a DVH squad. You don’t get on a hot streak without some dominant pitching and good hitting. I’ve not seen anything to make me think we have either in the form off being able to get on a streak.

Assuming your post was directed at me. I’ll do my best to follow the old proverb, “don’t assume another’s intentions”, as I respond. Might be difficult, since your post to Matt followed by your question to me seem to both ooze with after-the-fact sarcasm. Nevertheless……

  • I think there should be a rule after a bad loss that fans can’t post on internet message boards until the next day.
  • I know it’s easier for many to be negative than it is to be positive.
  • I think the game 3 loss to Alabama was more of an anomaly on the mound, than it was anything else.
  • I know that loss doesn’t count anymore in the standings than any other loss.
  • I think we hit the ball well enough in Tuscaloosa to win the series.
  • I know our starting pitching needs to look more like the staff in March instead of the staff in May, for us to have a deep post season run.
  • I think it is appropriate for regular season expectations for this program to be higher than winning 18 games and finishing 2nd in the West.
  • I know the Hogs have now won 18+ SEC games in the regular season for 5 consecutive seasons, and have now done it 10 times under Coach Van Horn. (It was done only once under Coach DeBryin)
  • I think we have a good enough team to get to Omaha.
  • I know it’s ridiculous to complain or talk negatively in May about not getting to Omaha.
  • I think our recent pitching problems are more mental than physical.
  • I know pitching and defense have been the strength of this team overall this season.
  • I think our draw in Hoover is pretty good.
  • I know I would want another shot at Alabama, Florida, or A&M if I was a player on this team.
  • I think we might be the only game on Wednesday to run on time, looking at the weather.
  • I know we will be in Hoover Wednesday morning, rain or shine.

Pitching has carried this team for most of the year. If this had happened in week two or three of the SEC season, that would have been easier to take. But on the last weekend, you think it might be a warning of things to come. Can they shake this off and come back strong? No way to predict.

Lucky we got to start with Kentucky, Mizzou, and State, 2 of those not in Hoover. Other than the sweep against LSU not many series wins since.
Noland’s last good start to me was LSU, can’t get breaking stuff over and can’t stay ahead in counts. Smith has hit a wall, maybe he pushes thru, so far not so much. Wiggins extremely inconsistent, great arm talent but does not command any breaking stuff and loses his fastball quite often. Bullpen Taylor and Tygart are the best, Morris other than Friday has been good. Hard to figure how Ramage continues to pitch, not sure what he gives you.
Defense strong up the middle, very good including Webb.Not sure about some of the passed ball/wild pitches, it’s tough being a catcher but it’s certain Turner is not close to Opitz.
Offensively it’s not a good line up in my opinion. No consistency, too many fly balls, too many K’s. Not many innings where we get multiple hits in a row. Teams don’t walk us and ball stays in the park we aren’t scoring many. Wallace has picked it up. Lanzilli from sitting 2/3 games to hitting 3 or 4 tells you enough about we don’t have a good hitting team. Battles from 3-4 to 8-9. Love to see Turner and Moore’s conference average. Slavens either good or bad not much in between. Teams that can pitch backwards and not walk us I just don’t see us scoring many.
This team just does not play to me like a DVH team.

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Hmm wonder what makes you say that?

If the schedule was reversed would the record be the same? I do know they count the same no matter when you play them. They were throwing strikes earlier. That’s the key to the next three weeks. Can these pitchers throw strikes?

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So true. The infield defense, especially with Stovall back, is elite. Pitch to contact as Dave Duncan would preach.

(Now the outfield defense is another thing all together)

Can we throw strikes, if they can’t why are they at Arkansas? Will they, sure seems we have some who choose to nibble and get behind in counts. Possibly afraid of hard contact?
Our record indicates we are a good team but who we have we really beaten?
LSU-hot or cold, bad defensively
Auburn- without #1 starter and closer that weekend
Ole Miss- no starting pitching, same guy we couldn’t hit Aggies had 8 in 2 innings.

Defensively we have made a mess of bunts, fly ball communication in the outfield, walking hitters. Just not a normal DVH team.