What I think, and what I know: Baseball edition

  • I think we might have just lost our best chance at securing a National seed.
  • I know we are still in great shape to host a regional.
  • I think Vanderbilt would be a terrible draw as a 2 seed, for some host team.
  • I know I hope Texas is the 2 seed in the Fayetteville Region.
  • I think we can still win 20 SEC regular season games.
  • I know sweeping Alabama in Tuscaloosa will be difficult.
  • I think Ole Miss might be the hottest SEC team right now.
  • I know I’m glad A&M has to play in Oxford this week.
  • I think we still win the West outright.
  • I know we have no one to blame but ourselves if we don’t.
  • I think if we end up as the 3 seed in the SEC Tournament, I’ll need to leave for Hoover Tuesday night instead of Wednesday morning.
  • I know my 14-year old loves going to the SECT more than any other family outing we do.
  • I think Vandy’s right fielder looks more like he should play for Stackhouse than for Corbin.
  • I know it’s a close call between Tim Corbin and Tony Vitello for my least favorite SEC coach.
  • I think Lanzilli’s bat needs to get back in the lineup and stay.
  • I know I’m still expecting Robert Moore to have some clutch hitting down the stretch.
  • I think Jaxon Wiggins pitched a great game 3 against Vandy.
  • I know left handed pitching is kryptonite to our hitters.
  • I think Moore and Battles are the best middle infield combination I’ve seen the Hogs have. Ever.
  • I know Caden Wallace has the best arm I’ve seen from a Hog third baseman.
  • I think Brett Dolan is almost as difficult for me to listen to as Beth Mowans.
  • I know Dolan reminds me of Dr Donald “Ducky” Mallard (NCIS), when he interjects his trivial minutia during the broadcast.
  • I think the SEC gets 3 teams to Omaha.
  • I know I won’t be able to watch 1 inning of the Championship Series if Tennessee is in it (unless they’re playing us).
  • I think there are too many fair weather Arkansas baseball fans.
  • I know I still really like this team.

What I know is the best team damn sure didn’t win it all last year. What I think is WE COULD be this year’s Miss St. Go Hogs!

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Yep we swept Miss St at their house. Then they go on to win it all with numbers worse than ours at this same time last year.
Then reality hits, they stink this year.

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I think you right on target on everything, except I’m fine with Bret Dolan (wasn’t tuned this weekend because I was at the games).

One of the best takes on this team I’ve seen. Dolan is not a good play by play man. It was noted by one of our insiders that he talks too much for TV. I figured out yesterday (finally) how to sync Phil and Bubba to TV (fairly close). So much more enjoyable. Great job @hogstetrician
PS - you’ve opened yourself up to being called ugly names for saying that about Beth……I agree with your take on her… :rofl:

Yes. We are spoiled as Razorback fans. Last year we went the entire season knowing we had the best team in college baseball. I think we’re all comparing this team to last year’s team. We are also comparing our experiences this year to those of last year.

Let’s face it. Until we get to the last game of the super regional—assuming we get that far—our experience this year is not as good as last year. We are seeing a very good baseball team that still falls short of our recent experience. There’s only 1 team (maybe 2) in the SEC who wouldn’t trade places with us.


How can Lanzilli hit 3rd when he plays and not be in the lineup other games?

Just seems weird he isn’t in there and when he is he is 3rd.

Something I’ve thought about a lot since last night: Who are the best eight teams? Are we sure Arkansas isn’t one of them?

In my opinion, this are a lot of good, inconsistent teams this year. Two teams, Tennessee and Oregon State, kind of stand out above the rest, then there are a lot of teams in the next wrung. Several of those teams lost series over the weekend.

• Arkansas lost 2 of 3 to Vanderbilt
• Oklahoma State was swept by Texas Tech at home
• Louisville lost 2 of 3 at Virginia Tech, which might wind up being the No. 3 seed
• LSU was swept at home by Ole Miss
• Miami lost 2 of 3 at Florida State

Even Oregon State lost a series this week at Arizona, which is having a down year.

Arkansas’ RPI was hurt this week by two home losses, but I think it can rebound with a good series at Alabama and some wins at the SEC Tournament. Road and neutral-site victories are worth a lot to RPI.

The losses this week hurt Arkansas’ chances to be a top eight, but I think the Razorbacks are still in firm contention for one of those spots. Vanderbilt might play its way into hosting and it was a pretty evenly matched series. Arkansas was better in Game 2, Vandy was better in Game 3 and Game 1 was a toss up.


I wouldn’t compare Brett to Beth. Different kind of stuff. Brett has great knowledge of the game. He just rattles on too much. I don’t know how Troy finds time to say anything. I think Brett is probably a radio guy (and yes he was) trying to do TV with the same style. It just doesn’t work. Probably unfair to ask him to do that.

Agree with all your thoughts here, especially Brett Dolan’s knowledge of the game. But I wasn’t actually comparing the 2 announcers, at least with regards to their broadcasting skill.

I was merely stating that, for me, it’s difficult to take either one in large doses. Even if it’s for different reasons.

Arkansas, Auburn and A&M all play on the road this weekend. I think Aubie has the best chance to sweep; UKs pitching is awful and Aubie hits well. I think the Hogs have the worst chance for a sweep, we’re awful at BA and Bama is pretty salty with WHIP. I would not want to be playing at Ole Miss. I suspect we’ll win 2; not sure that’s good enough to win outright.

Too many walks, not enough hitting to overcome a pitching staff that isn’t dominant. Coach DVH is a hall of famer. He’s allowed to have an off year. I just don’t see this team getting out of their regional unless they get a fortunate draw somehow. I think our pitching has some tired arms. Win the west and don’t worry about the SEC tourney - get those guys some rest.

An off year?


Lol, I know right. The standards are pretty high. This hasn’t been a great hitting team. They have left a lot of runners on base. Pitching hasn’t been as dominant, defense is pretty good. This is the first home series lost since 2019. Saying DVH has had a off year is a lot like saying Nick Saban has an off year when they don’t win a natty (although he has several natty’s).

They still have a chance to win 20 SEC games. That’s not an off year.


I don’t get your comparison.

To say Saban has an off year if Alabama doesn’t win a NC is accurate (might not be fair, and probably unrealistic expectation, but still accurate).

DVH hasn’t won a NC. Ever. College baseball coaches like Rod Dedeaux, Augie Garrido, or Skip Bertman would seem more appropriate comparisons to Saban, in this context.

What Coach Van Horn has done is take 8 teams to the CWS. He has also led the Hogs to two (of the 3 in program history) 20 SEC wins in the regular season.

So, if you want to say it’s an “off year” when DVH either doesn’t lead his team to 20 regular season conference wins or an appearance in the CWS (or both), then fine. Pretty sure those expectations don’t exceeed what Coach puts on himself. But, this season is far from over, so too early to say that about this season anyway.

This exchange seems to validate my next to last bullet point in the OP.


I would question the comparison of Football to Baseball as far as evaluating coaches by winning national championships. Normally, the best football team wins the natty, not always true in baseball.

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I agree Matt.

I think there are about 12-14 teams that can get to Omaha, and I believe we are one of those teams.

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Agree there were better comparisons. It was a quickly written post. And by no means am I a fair weather fan. Never said I wasn’t pulling for them but I did have higher expectations for this year based on returning players and the ranking of the recruiting class.

No worries. Just seems to me some have been down on this team far too easily and way too soon.

Reminds me of when I “cuss” a putt I mis-hit, only to watch it roll into the cup.