What I think and what I know, 3.0

  • I think this is the toughest Hog team since 1994.
  • I know Coaches Richardson and Sutton would approve of this team’s defensive effort.
  • I think JD just might be the 2nd player on this team with a legitimate shot at making an NBA roster.
  • I know I was wrong about JD’s basketball IQ. (Whether I was always just wrong, or whether coaching has caused me to be wrong… makes no difference to me now).
  • I think J Will is growing into a 2-and done player right before our eyes.
  • I know if he returns next year I will have preseason expectations that might rival the ‘94-‘95 team.
  • I think Coach Muss is as good of a basketball coach as the Hogs have ever had (and I think very, very highly of Coaches Sutton and Richardson).
  • I know the coaching job that has been done this season is as good as I’ve seen in my lifetime.
  • I think Devo gives opposing coaches nightmares.
  • I know when he shoots the way he did against Florida we can beat any team, on any floor.
  • I think the atmosphere at BWA on Saturday against Kentucky just might exceed what it was for the Auburn game.
  • I know Jim Robken would approve.
  • I think the Hogs could rise as high as a 4 seed with 4 more wins before the Dance.
  • I know this is as deep of a field of good teams as college basketball has had in a while, and being a top 16 seed would be a huge accomplishment.
  • I think, regardless of our Tournament seed, we are capable of another deep run.
  • I know if we are in the South Region and make it to San Antonio, my son will be the happiest 14 year-old on the planet (since we are going to those 3 games regardless of who is playing).

I give credit to Muss and his staff. And credit the players.

Something in that locker room has changed for the good.

I will say this again this team is good. Very good. Muss has instilled defense into the mindset. From Lanny to today this could end up as Special!

This team is hitting on all cylinders, at just the right time. One of Nolan’s assets was the ability to have a team peak at tournament time. If last year is an indicator, with this year’s timing, Coach Muss may have some Nolan in him.

The dry spell toward the end of the first half was really the only extended scoring drought. The ball movement at times during this game was fun to watch. Then the ball stopped moving.
It’s nice to see 5 players in double figures scoring.

The only thing I disagree with is that if we keep winning we “CAN” rise as high as four seed. I believe if we keep winning we will be at least a 3 seed. We are ranked 18th right now and if we keep winning (Wins over #3 Kentucky and a ranked Tenn at their place) we would eventually be ranked in the 12 to 10 range. That would put us squarely in the #3 seed spot. Keep winning in the SEC tournament and we could make a #2 seed and a top 10 ranking going into the Dance. I don’t expect that will happen but win out regular season and the Hogs would be the hottest team in the nation and would be getting insane amount of national publicity. You have to count that into the seeding.

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The expectations for next year will be high, but a lot depends on who comes back to anchor the ship. I expect Devo will be back, and probably J-Will, which would be a really nice base for all the freshmen to build around.

If the frosh have to carry the load it will probably be a bit of a roller coaster ride in conference for the first ten games, and maybe even the whole conference schedule. It’s a super-talented class, but they still have to figure out how to play against the older talented players they will see in the SEC, and how to handle adversity like this year’s team does.

I agree with your scenarios.

The “4 wins before the Dance” I was thinking would include a loss @Tennessee and a loss on Sunday in Tampa.

The thing I believe makes this team so good is that each player knows his role on offense and is willing to play it. I would think it would be very difficult for Umude to not be the focus after scoring 20 a game last year but he is willing to let Notae be that guy. The other players are willing to cut and rebound. On defense, they all play their heart out. This is a very GOOD team!

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