What I miss about college football

With almost everyone running the spread these days, what I miss most about college football is the Fullback. Someone who can be an extra blocker, or pop a surprise run up the middle or a guy who can sneak out of the backfield for a quick pass. This is a lost art. But one that could be valuable. Perhaps we could convert one of our big backs, or a linebacker just sitting on the bench. With our lack of success on short yardage plays, especially at the goal line, a fullback could be just what we need. Your thoughts?


Peyton Hillis was one of the best fullbacks, if you want to classify him as that. Good blocking, good power running into the line, and great hands catching out of the backfield.


It’s hard not to put Bruce Maxwell at the top of Arkansas best fullbacks. He was a man among boys. One of the toughest players we’ve ever had on the roster. His off the field tales are as big as his on the field exploits. I played against him in church league basketball in Pine Bluff in the late 70’s. He got plenty of room on the court. At least from me.


In the pros and college, some use the tight end as an H-back like a fullback occasionally to lead through the whole. They shift them or put them in motion to be the extra blocker in front of the tailback. This let’s the fullback type player also be a regular part of the passing game as well.

I love the role of the fullback in football! Love!

Until he self destructed, Mark Pearce was a beast of a fullback.


Kiera Small played big.


I remember when the quarterback lined up around the end and the half back outside the linemen. The fullback and tailback did all the ball carrying. Then the Notre Dame Box came along then the T formation etc.

There was a brief moment when TEs and FBs were used about the same. Then, TEs suddenly came roaring back as an end-of-line skilled position.

This wild thought came to me mind! With the struggles in the red zone lately for our hogs it wouldn’t hurt to bring in the 6th Olinemen and the TE, with 1 RB and 3 WR. You should be able to get a push with that type of personnel on the field and be able to force some 1 on 1 for at least 1 WR.

Or just put KJ under center and instruct him to drive straight ahead while protecting the football with both hands and arms!

Pretty wild.

Former Hog Haije Froholt was used as Fullback for the Browns, blocking on 2 goal line TD’s


Clay he’s the one who came to my mind first thing. Small absolutely put some hurting on people. I have literally seen them ball up and not want to take him on directly that’s how physical he was.

That’s an unbalanced line army and it can be very effective because it forces the DL to Gap over which sometimes can leave a cutback lane. It all depends on who’s doing the blocking in every scenario. I saw big Crawford come in some against Mississippi State and do a very good job.I wouldn’t mind seeing him line up at fullback and get a head start and bomb somebody

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Yep and he did a good job

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I would love to see this! (*provided he is coached to be rock solid on ball control)

I was mainly talking about him being a lead blocker for Rocket or DJ. But as we have seen big guys like that are hard to stop with the ball :joy:

I’ll take a big guy who break the line, we’ve had success before…

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