What I’m hearing about

the OVs.

Told WR Isaac TeSlaa will leave for Colorado. He visited Purdue before Arkansas. The facilities Arkansas really caught his attention. Guess you can say he knows why the SEC is the SEC now.

It sounds positive for S Al Walcott of Baylor. He visited A&M prior to Arkansas. Will head to Fla now. The coaching staff stood out and he believes he could develop and get to the NFL. Sharp young man.

The facilities also stood out to WR Xavier Weaver of USF. The weight room caught his attention. He visited WV before Arkansas and will head to OU later this afternoon.

If Grier comes that would be a plus for Arkansas. Weaver likes the idea of having Grier here if he decided to come.


Likes the idea of having who here?

Grier. I clarified.

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Any idea of future commitments?

Yes, I believe there will be. I mentioned I was hearing good things yesterday. Donovan Whitten pledge was a bit of that. I expect more.

How much more? I couldn’t tell you right now.


What do you think on Grier Richard?

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That’s great news I think he’s a day one starter him and pooh will be quite a Duo

Maybe I am just a trusting person. Or overly optimistic. But—until I am proven wrong–I firmly believe the portal will be an overall plus for Arkansas. Not that the current portal/NIL situation doesn’t need tweaking. or at least, to use Saban language, some guard rails. But Pittman places such a premium on recruiting and having a staff full of great recruiters…I think this landscape helps make up for the difficult location of Fayetteville (in terms of proximity to centers of great HS football…such as Houston, or N’awlins, or Atlanta). I will bet you that this portal class will be a net GAIN in terms of quality. Difference makers.


Richard , would you say things are currently positive with Johnson also from Baylor? I’d like to add two from Baylor

We also have to have good recruiters for the portal

Based off what I heard yesterday yes. He posted he was in Florida yesterday. Was he visiting another school or seeing family? It didn’t say what city he was in. I’m assuming he’s visiting a Florida school.

I know our facilities are wayyyy better than CU’s but the Deion factor worries me on this one with TeSlaa! He will probably get picked up in a fancy one upon his arrival. I am sure the red carpet will come out but hoping the allure of the SEC and our facilities will make a difference with this young man.

I am sure there is a lot of Deon love out there (not sure that is not more style than substance), but if this young man is looking long-term then he probably needs to base his decision a lot on the quarterback situation that best puts him in a position to showcase his talents. KJ certainly does not hurt our total package.