What I’m hearing about 5-star Ian Jackson's visit

Sounds like it’s going well.

Hearing he loves Muss and the staff’s NBA experience. Attention to detail sounds like a plus

The crowd at last night’s game was a big, big hit.

He met with Arkansas chancellor Charles F. Robinson yesterday.

Plan to have a story on him when he leaves today.


Have previous chancellors (or Robinson as an interim) gotten involved with recruiting?

If I recall right, some have.

I met Dr. Robinson the night TB killed that dude at The Bud. Very impressive man. I think meeting him would only help recruiting.


I’m sure it doesn’t hurt in recruiting Black players that a Black is running the show at UA.

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Well last night’s crowd was not even in the area code of what it can be because we just never could get everything going very well. I’m sure he has seen it much louder and can envision himself being right in the middle of all of that. Come on down we need you


Just curious. Were you there?

No I wasn’t you could just tell it wasn’t as loud as say the Auburn or Kentucky crowds from last yr.I mean we were never really ahead enough to get them really loud,it was loud when we got close before they hit the 3 3’s but overall it was not as great as it could have been

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Gotcha. I understand that there has been chatter that the environment wasn’t that good last night based on people watching it on TV. Having been there in person, I can say confidently that it was an excellent environment. Yeah, probably not UK or Auburn, but still really, really good. Several deafening moments and constant energy up until their 9 point tear. Guarantee that crowd and atmosphere as good as they’ve seen. Probably the best.

Season ticket holder for 15 years here. It was definitely in the area code.


Well as long as the kid thought it was amazing that’s all that really matters. He’s the one that’s most important to impress
Let’s hope it was good enough to make him want to come play for us

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It was loud and the crowd (at least around me) was standing much of the time.

I’m sure the recruits were impressed.

Lots of people left with 2-3 minutes left, but that was understandable. It was all over but the shouting and it was a long game due to all the fouls and reviews.

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The crowd was very very loud until the 9 point blitz.


Great like I said as long as the kid was impressed that’s all that matters it just didn’t sound super loud on TV. I did notice it quite loud a few times but not consistent like I’ve heard it before.

If you’re basing your thoughts off of TV sound, it’s understandable. What I’ve determined is that depending on the network and how they mic the crowd the noise level can be severely misrepresented. CBS seems to mic the crowd most. The ESPN networks seem hit/miss.

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Not sure which network but often times I find it difficult to hear the play-by-play and color guy because of the noise.

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Season ticket holder for 40 years, it was OK.

That’s really all I have to go on since I live here in Mississippi LOL but I have noticed it much louder at some of our other big games like Kentucky and Auburn not sure how they broadcasted or mic it just know that it was much louder and much more consistent at those games… hopefully the recruits thought it was great enough to come play for us

Watching on TV, I thought it was a disappointing crowd (in terms of loudness) with the exception of a few moments.

I’ve read on other boards several people who were there say it was really good in person.

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Season ticket holder since the arena opened. It was much better than ok. The continuous stoppage of play because of the continuous referee whistles kept it from being a steady roar. It was as loud as any crowd for any game there when it was able to be.


That is very bothersome and I notice it mostly in NFL games. If I turn my surround system on it helps.