What I like most about HI Forums


I love the humor on these Boards. I get the best belly laughs with tears from y’all. Especially from the dry humor. Being from Arkansas and the South, I can totally relate and appreciate y’alls humor.

No matter how challenging life can be, no matter how frustrating losses can be, reading these HI forums is very therapeutic. Like coming home after a hard day but the dogs excitedly meet you at the door ready to give you their love.



Same here. I think we are soon going to emerge from the cellar of the SEC and see prosperous times for our Hogs - then we can really start having some fun!

You have to laugh. Not sure some get my sense of humor but I hope they do.

I’m reminded everyday about the truly important things of life. Sports and the Razorbacks bring out of passion but it’s not life or death. Even though with some might think that.

guynhawaii, that was one of the things that I most enjoyed about the HI forums way back when I first joined. We got away from it for a while when going through coaching changes, etc. I’m enjoying the return to good humor!

That has always been one of my goals. I do not want it to be personal. We should not take ourselves too seriously. I do not like dry wine, but I do like my humor dry. I have to be careful not to be too dry with my wife because she may not like it. She does NOT like dry wine for sure. Actually, she doesn’t really like alcohol, no matter what kind. She does like to laugh at me.

The most I’ve heard her laugh, when I’m looking for my glasses when wearing them. She will let me look a little while as she giggles.

I’ve always had a pretty good sense of humor, but the younger perfectionist attitude I carried sometimes overshadowed that.
Getting older & humbled along the way has allowed the more humorous side to stay up front. (Although my humor sometimes isn’t so funny to others, LOL).
As for wine that depends on what country I’m in and the availability, sometimes I have to just take what I can get with any alcohol, then it may just sit on shelf & I’m happy just knowing it’s there.

Clay, if she is anything like my wife, sometimes she laughs with me and other times at me. Just enough of both to keep me honest. And, She might not do wine, but I bet she has (once or twice) been known to whine. Its in the DNA of all wives, methinks.

We have a deal at my house - I clean up dog vomit and poop on the carpet. Three of those cleaned up successfully and she treats us to a nice sit-down meal (think: one of those places you need a reservation). It is worth that much to her to not gag while cleaning. And, helps her not be vengeful towards the dogs, who tend to rank just a tad below the kids, and a fair distance above me, most of the time.

I appreciate the random topics people bring to the board. Like the one about apples. Or talking about travel. Or fishing. Y’all keep that stuff up! And the humor. We can all laugh and smile more. I love my Razorback sports and have really tried to just enjoy them- win or lose. Anyways, thanks to all you random topic contributors. It really adds extra flavor to things.

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