What I Just Saw& Heard

Is what has been missing for far too long around here! Will he able to do it? I don’t know. No one does.

We are going going to be tough and physical. We will hit you.

The man gets AR. He wants it. He did not have to be shown how to Call the Hogs! He led it. You have to pull for someone like that


As a guy who has followed the Hogs for over 60 years it was music to my ears.

Had a tear in my eye to see someone that has the same passion as me for the Arkansas Razorbacks.


I had all sorts of water in my eyes from somewhere


Jim, I told my wife my allergies were acting up.

She called me a “crazy old man”.

My wife was like “no wonder you’re happy. He loves Arkansas as much as you do.”

That alone was great to see! Passion for our HOGS and not about the almighty dollar!!
I’m looking forward to the spring game to see how much different the team looks. Coach Pitman should have been our HC 2 years ago! I’m happy we have him!