What I hope to see

Special teams -----Pittman is right , we have problems and competition will continue to pressure us until we can fix it. Our punt return yardage is often overlooked but our starting spot on the field has to change. It is amazing we have been in the last two games at the end given our shortcomings in this area.

Running Back----We need more depth —injuries or lack of ability to perform in games has to be fixed. One back cannot carry the load in this league.

Receiving group— 5 yr senior TE and wide out have been big surprises. But the core three expected to carry still need to step up. I understand the injuries of TB but injuries happen and that means others have to step up when that happens. Separation is still big problem and that has nothing to do with speed, although it helps.

Our coaching staff has done a good job getting the team to play hard for 60 minutes and has had to make lot’s of adjustments due to injuries , c-19, and schedule giving us early games on the road. I look forward to seeing them continue to build on the body of work so far.

Boyd and Burks are not durable players for whatever reason. Both have missed several games due to injury in their time here. We need both of them to play really well to beat Ole Miss. I hope they get it done.

Special teams have been just awful.

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