What I expect

1st down run of 7, facing 2nd and 3…I expect to run it…twice…assuming positive yards. After a 1st down run of +10…I expect to run it. If we throw it when we really don’t have to, with our qbs and oline…it’s a mistake. We put their offense on the field, with more clock, against our secondary…not what we want with our current state of passing affairs.

A horizontal throw to a running back is ok if it’s really considered a running play. Hopefully we can do that…

Now if the mean green put everyone in the box…and prove they can stop us…then throw it. Which is what I would expect them to do.

Let’s see what happens.

A first down run of seven would be cool, but not likely.

Looking at stories on google, it appears the average first down play - taking in successes and minuses - is 3.2

Against Colorado State, Arkansas rushed 28 times on first downs for 151 yards. Eight of 28 carries went for 7+ yards.

Arkansas tried to throw on first downs eight times. Three of the eight were positive results. Also had two incompletions, one completion for -2, and two holding penalties. Both drives with holding penalties ended poorly (INT and punt).

The 28:8 mix leaned very heavily toward the rush. Results diminished a bit in the second half (9-43 4.8 avg) compared with the first (19-108 5.7). First down gains were not the problem after halftime. Second and third downs were the problem.

Typically coaches consider a first down play to be efficient if it gains at least 4 yards, 2nd down if the play gets half of the yardage for the first down, and 3rd and 4th down are considered efficient if you pick up the first down.

I expect to see our first true glimpse of “full throttle” we have nothing to lose, let’s start playing the way we want to play in the future and stick with it until it works ! This is what CCM hung his hat on, drop the so called vanilla stuff that many said we played so we had a surprise for the SEC games, that train left the station in the Rocky Mountains last Saturday. WPS

Just on rough estimates that’s what I had as well, which is why it was frustrating to watch some of those calls. I’m not asking our future teams to run it all the time, or even hang their hat on the run, but this one needs to run when it can.

Right now we don’t have a full throttle. I get sticking to your system, great coaches have one and it’s their core. But we need to win games that are winnable.

Maybe Morris is sticking to his guns, but he better find a gunslinger, and a line that will allow us to load the gun.

I know the RPO is in vogue right now. However, to me a good pro style offense like Coach B was attempting to run is the way to go. I’ve watched Whiskey several times and that’s how football should be played. I don’t know why it failed here. I’ve researched the offensive line for Whiskey. Hardly any 4 and 5 Star offensive lineman and it’s a joy to watch. I hope Coach M succeeds but I still prefer the pro style approach. There’s something about lining up and saying… we’re coming and try to stop us.

I have not seen true RPO yet. I think it’s been predetermined more than true RPO. I believe the RPO will provide more explosive plays but I have not seen quarterbacks read it well yet. Like most things, it takes time and practice to perfect.