What I can't figure out

I saw the whole game last night. If I had not seen the game and was told Team A threw 5 interceptions, could not establish a running attack and got stopped twice on 4th and short, and Team B had just one inconsequential interception and no fumbles and 400 yards of offense, including a passing attack that could not be stopped either by putting pressure on the QB or by tight coverage in the secondary, I would have thought that the game was no contest… So as bad as it looked, we must have done something right to keep the game as close as it was at the end. Can anyone tell me what that something was?

Possibly overlooking that the opponent was San Jose St…from the depths of the Mountain West conference? They do not even average Top 100 in recruit rankings.

Arkansas moved the ball, too. The offense stopped itself in the red zone with interceptions. There was also two failed fourth downs. In between, there were some plays that netted well over 400 yards in total offense. Can’t throw five interceptions and fail on downs twice. That’s seven wasted possessions.


We stopped them from scoring in second half until the last winning drive. They did not drive the ball like the first half during that time.

I thought it was a good strategy to let the SJS running back score quick on their laser drive so we would have a chance to try for a tie or win. They were in position to run the clock down and try for a chip shot FG with no time left. Unfortunately our last drive play calling was not up to what a last minute drill is supposed to be.

I think it speaks to how bad San Jose St is if playing an almost perfect game only allows you to squeak by this Hog team. Let that sink in.