What Have I Missed?

I have missed something along the way, evidently. Without an AD in place, I guess a coach could be named but that would be getting the horse before the cart. And an established Head Coach would be concerned about not knowing who was going to be the AD. The move on the AD first, kind of told me the BOT/President/Chancellor (one of those three…not the interim AD) wanted to do things in the right order.
I know Gus is a good football coach, but I have never thought conversations were actually taking place between the interim AD and his agent. And if conversations were happening before BB had been officially terminated, we have a HUGE problem. Remember Petrino and Auburn. If Gus beats Georgia in the SEC Championship game, Auburn is obviously in the football playoffs. Someone set me straight. I know major boosters are in the corner of Gus but I cannot see it happening.