What has happened to this team?

We were one of the top scoring teams in all of college basketball… what’s happening? I know everyone is about to start blowing up the board, like I just did. I was so excited about this year and now I’m worried we will be fighting tooth and nail to just make the tournament.

Try scouting report. Both offensively and defensively we never change.

Among the worst defensive teams I’ve ever seen. Then we have no concept of half-court offense at all

Well, I ain’t gonna stay up to watch this crap.

I hope we win.

They look tired and deflated.

SMH, this is really embarrassing. I still have hope though. CMA will get their attention at the half. Just hoping we don’t dig too deep of a hole. I’ve never seen them lay an egg like this at home. LSU was picked last in the league.

Mike has lost this team. He lost his team last year for a couple of games, and got it back. Lets hope he gets this one back. He seems to do this every year.

Half-hearted defense… dribble, dribble then shoot. The team is soft and that’s the last thing I expected from a senior led team.

They miss Dusty and Manny who brought energy and smart play (plus depth).

Macon and Barford are playing to many minutes, but they have too.

This team is in deep do-do.

Say what you want too but this bunch got the big head once ranked and they have just showed up to play! No fight from the tip! Poor effort and no defense. They could not stay in front of a 90 year old in a wheel chair. Sorry effort. I hope they all get their degrees they will need them. They sure won’t play anywhere when this season is over but a back yard or the YMCA. Sorry shot selection and no want too! Next is baseball season maybe they will show up to play.

We can not play with the teams in the sec. They have Mike’s Number and they know what to do and how to stop it. BAD

Wow. What a slop fest that was to watch. One of the worst efforts by our team in years. Tired, lazy, undisciplined effort. Several of our players looked like they wanted to be anywhere else but in that building. You would never know we had six seniors on this team. Absolutely no leadership. We got punched in the face a couple of times on the road and now we appear ready to cower in the corner the remainder of the year. Also, really tired of reading how we just “came out flat” to start the game and “dug ourselves a hole”. I was looking for Razorback pride and heart to show up last night. I’m not sure this team has either.

CMA is loosing this team fast. Not sure what can be done at this point, but it is going to take one heck of an effort to salvage this season.

Beard, Macon and Barford look beyond tired, maybe even sick? No Guard depth at all with the loss Garland and CJ in the witness protection program. We need Darius Hall to keep improving. We also need to consider more 2 guard lineup at times to rest Beard, Macon and Barford.