What Has Happened to the 2 MS teams?

They are the last 2 NC and now they are just the last 2! MSU just played poor baseball this weekend. I haven’t followed ole misses since we played them, but they are a bottom feeder. I understand how losing good pitchers affects teams, but heck, The Hogs have lost all sorts of pitching and look where they are. We all know DVH has a lot to do with that, but did the two MS coaches forget baseball after winning in OMA? Seems a mystery.

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Not sure what to think about State. This is 2 years in a row of being down. My guess is, they won’t be down long, as they have as storied of a program and are as invested in baseball as most any other SEC team.

Ole Miss’s season is likely just a “one off”…… much like our 2016 season. (Remember, in 2016 we went 7-23 in SEC play. That team was swept in 6 of the 10 SEC series).

The top four SEC teams in ERA are all in the SEC-East. Ole Miss is #11, while MSU is #14 in the SEC, solidly last of these 14 teams.

There’s been enough time since the last coach got fired to show Lemmons lack of recruiting! The Miss St team this year is more of a reflection of him than other teams. In years past he has had players from the previous HC’s time in charge.
Maybe that’s part of it.
Ole Miss injuries. But look at the hogs injuries and compare. We’ve been hit a lot harder than Ole Miss. there’s always an excuse for getting your tail kicked. Bottom line they play in a conference that’s east you up and spits you out when you have a weakness. That’s both been spit out!

Mississippi State lost a lot of the leadership from that 2021 team — players like Rowdey Jordan and Tanner Allen, who not only won the national championship, but had been part of great teams leading up to that point. They played on three CWS teams and might have played on a fourth if not for the 2020 shutdown. And part of that time was when Mississippi State was going through a coaching change every year. You don’t do that without great leaders on the roster, in my opinion. I don’t cover that team so I can’t know for sure, but I have a hunch that their departure, coupled with the offseason celebrating a championship, caused Mississippi State to lose the edge that the great programs prepare with. Ole Miss might be going through something similar this year.

I don’t think Chris Lemonis has proven to be the kind of evaluator as John Cohen or Andy Cannizaro, just based on the results as his recruits have made up the bulk of the team. And Gary Henderson as a pitching coach, then interim head coach, was key to that 2018-21 run, too. The players, in particular the pitchers, recruited by those coaches have cycled out and you see the result. Some of them, like Landon Sims, were back last year but Mississippi State had a rash of season-ending injuries to the pitching staff and the back of the bullpen pitchers were not prepared to carry the load.

Could say it appears Lemonis has lost his team. Some of the worst ball I’ve seen played. Could a change be coming?

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I think Lemonis is very much on the hot seat. One of the things to consider is that John Cohen hired him, but Cohen is now at Auburn. The new AD can probably score some points with the fanbase by showing that he won’t tolerate baseball to slip like it has.

Lemonis firing his pitching coach last week might have been an attempt to get ahead of that decision and demonstrate he’s trying to fix things.

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The starting pitcher for MS is certainly amazing to be able to throw left & right. But IMO he’s much, much better as a right hander. State looks like a team that has let go of the rope. The fans too.

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The starting pitcher for Mo U in game 3 needs to stick to being a RHP. He had a little more command. I did like to see him switch

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