What has happened to KeVaughn?

His game has really regressed during his time in Gainesville.

He couldn’t throw the ball in the ocean last night. But don’t worry he’ll have a career game against the hogs.

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He’s has had trouble most of his career being a consistent scorer. He’s quite capable of having brilliant games where he puts up big numbers, mainly because he’s a streaky 3 point shooter. But he seems to have a real hard time shooting well two games in a row or even three out of five. He was 33% on threes last year, and only a 36% shooter overall.

He also has had too many nights where he either disappears or shoots very poorly.

That may be wearing thin on his coach. Allen only played 23 minutes last night, and was 0-6 shooting. He got 31 minutes a game last year.

He is a good defender, gets a decent number of assists for a guy that does not play the point much, and is a great free throw shooter.

Florida really needs more consistency out of him on offense this year to let some of their young guys grow into the college game.

As a soph, Allen was probably FL’s best player and their leading scorer. Kasey ? their PG, was probably more valuable to their team though. That flipped for Allen last year, when he was probably their worst offensive player. 36% overall shooting percentage is ridiculously bad for a player who got the 2nd most minutes on the team. His 3-point percentage dropped 42 points to .328, but that wasn’t nearly as bad as his 2-point percentage. It dropped from 52% as a soph to 40% as a Jr. He was a great finisher as a soph and couldn’t finish his drives as a Jr. He also lost his intermediate shot. I think White’s playing Allen all those minutes probably cost Florida a few games.

Personally, I think Jared Hudson, the transfer player FL brought in last year, who took over from Allen as the team’s leading scorer messed with his head and his confidence. I remember reading that Allen was bent out of shape when Beard won the State Championship MVP over him. And, that one reason he didn’t want to come to Arkansas was that he didn’t want to play with Beard. If true, it’s that kind of attitude that could mess with your game if a new player comes in and takes over as the better offensive player.

Having said all that, I still agree with another poster in this thread that Allen will probably light us up with 30 points this year when we play them. He did just that last year when he went 6-7 on 3s and scored 28 points against us in Gainesville. That was probably his only good game of the year.

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he scores well against us b/c he’s usually wide open,can’t shoot against good tight defense on him.

Last year was very tough for Kevaughn. His mother had some health issues and his basketball mentor since he was a little kid, Khan Cotton, died in a car wreck.

In a interview he admitted being down emotionally last year. Hopefully things get going for him this year. I’ve never heard anyone say a bad word about the young man.

I do agree that those issues contributed to KeVaughn’s overall play last year. But as far as shooting percentage, he has been an on and off shooter as long as I have seen him play. He is just streaky.

This is an overstatement. I remember one game in particular when he made several closely-guarded shots of different varieties.

I Remember seeing us play good defense on him as well but good offense trumps good defense. He was making tough shots

I’ve watched him since he was in the 9th grade. He is a streak shooter. When he’s hot, it doesn’t matter if all 5 guys are guarding him, he’ll make the shot and/or get to the line.

As mentioned, he is very quiet. One of his former coaches told me he never heard more than a two word sentence from him the entire year he had him.

No one seems to know why he didn’t choose UA. Many think his AAU Coach (not a UA fan) had a lot of influence.

we may have guarded him well a few plays but he was wide open a lot too and that is the nature of our defense all the trapping is going to give up wide open shots…its a math thing 2 on 1 leaves somebody wide open.

I don’t know if you have watched him in other games. I think you believe he is making threes against other teams being closely guarded. He is not that good.

For that matter, a very high percentage of made threes in all college basketball or open threes. These players are not that good to make the percentage of threes they make with hands in their faces.

I watch a lot of games and I have seen him get shut down b/c they were playing him man to man and not trapping and leaving him open or playing a Zone and they had someone in his face most every time he touched it… he’s not a very tall guy so he has to have space to shoot. Like I said it’s the nature of our defense we are going to trap and that’s going to leave people open, we’re just banking on tiring them out and then missing quite a bit late in the game.


He can always go vertical when he needs space to shoot. The guy has great lift. I also think his height or lack thereof is deceptive. He does not have short arms, but he has almost no neck. A longer neck would make him taller but it would not add length to his game.

He beefed up last year and didn’t shoot the ball near as well as he had as a soph.

That’s what I heard. The late Kahn Cotton seemed to carry a grudge that Nolan didn’t recruit him.