What has happened to HI

I will admit that I have not been much help to contributing much to our Forums.

But do you see the list of like 10 people? At this very moment. It’s been like that all day.

My posting after the FB coaching search has dropped to next to nothing.

Anybody know what’s going on? Even the last month has been very few posters??

What’s up??

Razorbacks sports apathy. I have grown frustrated by being average. I normally just read more than post. Put an opinion on here and get slammed for it so it becomes less than fun.

but I don’t have any data to back it up; it’s simply my observation (as a long-time reader, but fairly infrequent poster).

If you believe the Admin’s claims on the number of board members, it’s safe to conclude that “most” members come here to “read” information, while a very active minority does most of the actual posting.

Right now, there’s simply not much going on outside of basketball season. I’m sure you noticed that during the hiring/firing of our AD and football staffs, there was a lot more posting activity. Now that all the positions have been restaffed, there’s not much to discuss (on this board) until the late signing period and spring football practice. So traffic will be fairly light.

I’ve also observed that posting activity is directly proportional to the outcomes of both football and basketball games. When the Hawgs win, you’ll have a few posters come on and post short statements like: “good win”, “nice effort”, “good to see them play well” etc. … and a few other posters will chime in and concur.

But when the Hawgs lose, the posting traffic goes up exponentially. Posters will critique the coaches, the players, the strategy, the refs, the Athletic Director, the uniforms, the concessions, etc. etc. And then others will counter-post to complain that the the original posters are wrong. Then those threads turn into heated discussions and name-calling, then the Admins have to get involved.

I don’t have a sociological explanation … but it’s clear that people seem to “enjoy” coming on here to gripe, as opposed to coming on here to post positive ideas. Seeing our teams lose just seems to bring this behavior out.

Doubt my observations? … go take a peek at the basketball board. Compare the number and length (and content) of the posts following last week’s two losses … and compare those to the posts you’ll find there following tonight’s win. If you’re really bored, go back and look at the posts of this past football season. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

Right on LAHOG, people just love to bitch.
Sometimes wonder if they are actually FANS or not.
I too get frustrated when our teams lose, but in the famous words of Churchill.
Never, never, never ever quit!!!

I am simply tired of the negative, whiny nature of the board.
I have begun to come here to get information from the insiders and if I don’t see an insider involved in a post I just move on.
It is very difficult to get any deep conversations going because they get hijacked by the gripers or those that start their own topic.
Example I would love to hear from those that know how easy or hard it is to coach free throw shooting. But it would turn into a CMA haters trash session rather than an informative thread.

This is where I am. There’s really no point in posting, win or lose. There was a lot of good and bad from today to discuss but what’s the point?

That’s where I am as well. I read a lot more than I post.
I pay for the “Insiders Board” because I want to read what they have to say. They are the ones in the know and I, like you, will look for their input more than others. To be honest, I pay primarily for the recruiting board, because that’s where I see the most insider input.
I don’t get much out of these boards when I see so much personal bantering Back and forth between two or three posters, and you are correct, there is way too much highjacking of posts that morph into something completely irrelevant to the theme of the original post.
I love the Hogs and all related Arkansas sports. I will continue to access this site for information from “Insiders”.
After all, it is the “Insiders Board”.

Well it sucked when Jimmy Carter left. No offense meant to anyone, but his stuff was pure gold.

Yeah these boards have lost a lot of their luster (or maybe I’m just older and more cynical.

I enjoyed him, but this board existed for 15 years before him. We’ve lost some really good members that knew a lot about basketball. I think as they’ve left, or stopped posting, the threads have diminished.

The user numbers are bound to be low at 4:30 on a Saturday afternoon. Web traffic always is lower on the weekends.

I don’t track posts, people online, etc but I once looked forward to seeing the content here. For many reasons, I don’t anymore.


Your data is correct. I don’t agree that (for most) they “enjoy “ complaining after a loss. It is human nature to be quite when satisfied and speak up when unhappy. That is true in any business. Make a customer unhappy they tell everyone you suck. Make one happy and the say little to anyone.

It also can be therapeutic to blow off your frustrations after a loss.

The low apparent numbers may be as simple as hiding your online status, which is one of the options in the user control panel. Lurkers might prefer that option.

I started to comment about this thread but apathy has set in…

Me too

Wow! Someone that doesn’t condemn people who get pissed when the Hogs play poorly and then vent it on here. I get that oftentimes venting is full of half truths but I don’t think it should be run off the board which has mostly happened. Of course those who police the board are saying they are tired of it which I found to be convenient that they tired of it during a 3 game losing streak.

What I believe needs to be said is there is not one poster on this board who is paying money to dislike the Razorbacks and want them to lose. At the end of the day, we are all fanatics which is why we follow this stuff. I have stopped posting during games bc some of y’all corrected me and I actually listened and agreed, but I hope people get back to posting and sharing their opinion. Apathy is a program killer.

This post pretty much sums it up. Poster isn’t mentioned. Poster reclaims victimization (yet again). Poster whines and points fingers at and mocks people who decided to partially avoid the board primarily to avoid similar whiny, easily-victimized, “frustrated” and “therapeutic ranting” posters.

My pulling back actually comes even now, after a big win. I posted during the first 2 losses in the streak. My wife was in the hospital during the streak so I haven’t been posting as much. But, I have posted.

I didn’t bother after the LSU debacle. There was plenty I would have criticized.

I just don’t have time for interaction with people who sound like 12-year old girls that act like fools when their feel-bads get easily hurt and expect us to coddle them and accept their childish behavior and take them for ice cream and thank them for their whining.

If that’s policing then I guess I’m self policeman. I’m just not going to entertain the game-to-game rants from people who lack basic self-restraint. It’s exhausting.

Opinions of each person are different ! No two people are the same. If you post something you own it ! Good or bad. I’ve posted and have no regrets. It’s hard to watch our hogs when they flat out have no effort and not ready to play! That’s what caused our 3 game skid. That’s my opinion.
If that makes me a whinner I own it.
The number of people that post appears to be in the tank since the firing of CBB but it will all turn around.
I’m an old hog fan that has interest in any thing Razorback so I look at the board almost daily and don’t miss a game very often.

We lost a lot of good posters during the switch to ADG family. Some due to customer service, some due to people’s disdain for the ADG, and some for some snafus in subscription fees. It is not what it used to be here on the board poster-wise, not insider-wise. I keep hoping it will pick back up and some will return.