What happens to Jimmy Whitt

Now that Larry Brown is out at Smooo?

Good question :wink: :wink:

Don’t care, but I doubt he leaves again. He probably will get playing time “he thinks he deserves” as they go straight into the crapper.

I don’t see him leaving again, nut obviously he does have to redshirt this next season.

I do understand that Larry Brown was the main reason for him settling on SMU.

I know he left the hogs but I hate this for the kid. I wish the NCAA would take matters like this and give him a waiver.

“I know he left the hogs but I hate this for the kid. I wish the NCAA would take matters like this and give him a waiver.”

Wholeheartedly disagree; kids need to understand there are consequences to decisions. Sometimes lessons are best learned the hard way.

With what we have coming in this year and Whitt kinda under achieved as per expectations.

I just wonder how hard our staff really tried to discourage him from transferring, other than the coach speak we got.

I think we more than made up for what we lost in that entire class that Whitt was in, which was all of them.


Hope he is declaring without an agent, there’s a 0 chance he gets drafted. I highly doubt he could even make a G-League roster. He’s a SG that shoots 14% from 3 and 56% from the free throw line and he’s not that athletic and not that great of a ball handler. And I’m not hating because he’s not a razorback anymore, that’s just the reality.

I’m sure he is just getting the info you can get

I read his tweet, looks like he’s not coming back. Weeeeelllllll, looking at it again he left it open

He gets lots of assists and rebounds very well, but he still not a great scorer. He was playing 35 minutes a game and only averaging 12.3 ppg.

He was 4-28 on threes, so he was only trying about one a game, and only making a three about every seventh game. Yikes. He did hit over 50% on twos, so maybe his short-mid range game is okay- I did not watch SMU play more than about two minutes all year so I don’t know.

He also did not get to the line that often for a guard playing that many minutes, which I seem to recall was a problem when he was here. He had 74 attempts in 30 games, which is very low for a guy who is on the Court all the time and has four assists per game. As the other poster noted, he only shoots 56% from the line.

He sounds like a guy that will be fortunate to get a camp invite to play in the NBA summer league, and then either heads overseas or flashes enough to get on a D-League team. There’s just too many holes there to suggest he gets drafted, unless he kills it at Portsmouth.

For comparison, Gabe was 5 of 26 from the 3-point line this year. Harris was 8 of 66. Bailey was 2 of 11.

Army, we found somebody who shoots worse than Gabe and Bailey.

Dallas Morning News says he declared, but will not sign with an agent, and could return.