What Happens Now?

I guess no one really knows. What will the various programs and teams be doing for the rest of the year? I guess coaches can call recruits. Football coaches can study film and perhaps game plan (hard to do when you do not know what you really have on your own team). Really feel for the baseball, softball, and track teams. they are just getting into it.

Heck, what will the Board do? Hope Clay has some more good fishing stories. Need them. Of course, if there is spring practice, we will need the reports more than ever.

I am sure Clay and staff will do their best, but what can they really do? Guess we will find out soon.

Like I stated in another thread. I’m gonna have some serious withdrawals.

Maybe Clay will reprint some of his old golf stories or his adventures visiting you Jim! Those are always great! Or, maybe someone can contact Seattle and get his comments. His day and probably night job too now would probably not allow him time though.

IIRC, he is an ER doctor. I would think that he just might be busy, but you never know.

Well where’s Nostra when you need him

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