What happens if Shaka

is fired tonight or tomorrow?

Don’t think it will happen. Fire a guy after making NCAA tourney 2 years in a row and then making it to the NIT champ game?

Texas would look stupid.

Texas is in an interesting position. They really want to go get Chris Beard, but Smart doesn’t deserve to get fired. They would ideally like someone else to come and hire him away and they wouldn’t put up a fight to keep him.

TexASS would get roasted if they fired Shaka, especially after he just one the NIT. Deep down the tea sippers are hoping VA Tech makes an offer and Shaka heads back to the East Coast paving the way for a massive contract for Beard!

Won…sorry for typo

I hope Shaka winning means TX won’t move on Beard now

Well, we just fired a coach after making NCAA tourney two years in a row and 2nd round of NIT. I don’t see much difference. I thought NIT wasn’t important anyway. A lot of our fans thought we should not accept the NIT bid.

And Texas was not as inexperienced as we were.

We look equally stupid.

Only a very few fans and one player didn’t want to accept a NIT bid. WPS

Especially to go hard after a guy that went to the Elite 8 eight last year and is in the Final 4 this year., that would be dumb. Don’t know what I was thinking.