What happened with Sasha Goforth?


Oregon State

https://www.oregonlive.com/beavers/2019 … avers.html

This is no surprise at all to those close to the situation.

All the best to Sasha.

Someone close to her that I know thought Arkansas was the likely landing spot.

For sure they have kept it close to the vest. And she could change her mind.

According to the accompanying article she and her family doesn’t have ties to and are not ‘rah-rah’ supporters of the Razorbacks. Let her go

I never thought we had a very good chance. I always heard she was going out of state.

Lot of these Fayetteville kids want to get away after growing up here.

Both of mine that grew up here did - one to Hendrix and the other to Belmont in Nashville.

My step-daughter from Georgia went to Alabama.

Go figure.

Of course, I left Newport a few days after graduation to come spend the rest of my life up here.

She went forth and committed to the Beavers. Nothing binding at this moment however. She could still change her mind but I doubt she will. There will come a day when our best home grown players will want to stay and play for Coach Neighbors.

Agree with Dudley. Main reason I came to UA and stayed was to get away from where I grew up. That’s why you go to college - to get a way and grow up. Tough to land the home kid, especially if not a rah, rah razorback as one poster stated.

She was never coming here. Had to offer because of the PR but the staff knew she was a no. That’s straight from the Horse’s mouth…

She also made an OV. That is beyond a PR offer. Maybe the OV was PR on her part.

Kids make OV’s all the time even though they have no intention of going to school there. Of course the coaching staff would allow the OV if they have an offer out. Sort of have to…especially from the PR angle.

good luck to her at OSU…just because the staff missed on her in no way reflects poorly on them in my viewpoint.Neighbors is ahead of where most of us thought he would be after 2 years.look forward to many more successes in recruiting then failures.i hope that sometime in the not too distant future we are competing with Notre Dame;Stanford;UCONN and other heavyweights for players with some success.