What happened to Wilkins announcement?

Must have wanted to keep it low key

3:30 I think…

about to announce with a OU hat and a Razorback hat on the table.

None of us went. OU guys did. Read into that what you will.

Jordan brand OU hat and wal-mart Arkansas hat.

The allure of the Jumpman.


“Jumpman” is the term for the Nike/Jordan logo. OU is now a Jordan school, along with a handful of other schools (Michigan, Florida, UNC, maybe one or two more).

has he still not officially committed yet?


Chad has 6 months to flip him

His name just popped up on Rivals under OU. No surprise.

Dueces Wilkins! We want people that want to be here and if you don’t we understand. We will continue to build without you and all the best in your future. Glad we are finally past this and we can stop talking about this kid.

By doing this at the Camden Country Club, He spit in the face of Arkansas. I hope the school board fires that coach at the end of year.

As mentioned here several times, it’s not over until he signs.

Don’t disagree with ya RD…just glad he finally put out there what everyone was figuring. Ready to focus on the others that are still very interested in being here. If he flips down the road then I feel certain ALL of us will welcome him with open arms. I won’t bash or bad mouth him for his decision, just tired of hearing about it…ya know. Thanks for all you do!

we are just fine !! we have Limmer and probably anthony wighan(beast!!) and we already have winkel from last yr.would have loved to have him but those guys can play!!!

One simple question: If he changes his mind and decides to be a Razorback are y’all going to let him?

I know dang sure the staff will.

I’ve never undertstand trashing a kid - especially one who has not signed and might change his mind.


Don’t see any trashing in this thread unless it’s been removed

Maybe bashing would be the better word.

Look closer.