What Happened to Tygart?

read where he was hurt?? how serious is it??? we can’t afford to lose him!!! I was just thinking about him with all the CB he throws was he going to get through the yr without injury knowing he had already had TJ…wow never thought it would the next game!!

He came off the field shaking his arm. It did not look good. No updates at this time.

just hard to believe.team is just snakebit…plain and simple.

Any updates, yet?

I have a feeling we have to prepare for the worst here! We truly are snakebit with pitching injuries!!!

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Hope it’s an inflamed shoulder. I had one when I was a kid and it was extremely painful but I was back in a few weeks. I think. Might of been longer.

I think we might find out something tomorrow.

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Tygart had an MRI yesterday. I was told Dave Van Horn will address his status following today’s game.

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Hard to tell for sure, but what I saw the other night suggested elbow rather than shoulder. But we will find out later today.

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I expect bad news

Just feel like there’s would have already been an announcement if it was good

Yeah I can’t think of a situation where a Pitcher walked off shaking his arm where it wasn’t season ending but he has already had TJS so I am not sure he can go through that again.I was worried about him with all the CB he throws,just not a good situation to put your arm in bc throwing a baseball period is not natural for the arm

Did he have TJS in high school?

I’m not real sure. I just know he’s already had it… I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of anybody having two Tommy John surgeries but they’re probably have been

Dr. didn’t leave a scar, unbelievable.

Keaton McKinney had Tommy John twice.

I don’t think Tygart has had the surgery before, but I’m not 100% sure.

I could have sworn I heard he had TJS already.

I haven’t heard anything about Tygart having TJ surgery. I think you’re mistaken, Billy.

I may very well have been mistaken. I was just repeating what I had read somewhere else. Either way it really doesn’t look good for him and I hate that for him and us. Maybe we will get some good news and he will be okay

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Yeah. It didn’t look good at all when he left the mound Tuesday night.

I was in the gym when it happened so I didn’t see it but when I was told he walked off shaking his arm ,I don’t ever remember that being a situation to where they were able to come back anytime soon…