What happened to the starters?

When we were down 20 points, did the coaches decide we weren’t going to win this game and opt to gain experience for some of the subs. Hall played better than he has and also played over 20 minutes. Thomson played 23 minutes to Gafford’s 17. Beard played less than 20 minutes. Thomas wasn’t having his best game, so sitting him was probably a good move. But, for some reason, Jones only logged three minutes, so Hall got the minutes that Jones would have usually gotten. Only Macon and Barford played their usual number of minutes. If our best five players are the starters, one would think that they would all get more than half the available minutes.

I didn’t see the game yesterday, so I’ll comment on what has been written by the “media.” Gafford had foul trouble and Thompson got extended minutes. The others, not sure, but my guess on CJ is he isn’t good enough defensively for that type of game.

Cj shot a bad air ball. As if a regular air ball isn’t enough reason to see the bench. I guess coach didn’t trust him after that. Beard and Thomas did not look good at all, not that anyone did though.

Poor play by CJ is really impacting the thin guard rotation. Beard, Barford and Macon are playing too many minutes for this style of play.

I agree. And I think cj just needs more minutes to get the mental side of the game figured out. He is young. The road is tough. His defense had improved. And he is better than an air ball shooter. He needs minutes. I would not mind seeing Macon getting sent some messages with bench time when he isn’t giving 110% effort. I don’t even care if he is still our best player at 80%. Send him a message. Get cj some confidence. And get this team to reach its potential. Being a bubble team or even a five seed that loses in second round is no real accomplishment for this team. Let’s go!