What Happened To The DT

That decommitted from Lufkin? Did he sign elsewhere? Did we back off of him or did he want to stay closer to home?


Carl Williams didn’t sign anywhere that I can find. Perhaps we moved on from him?

Yes. I haven’t checked on him to be honest.

Where do ark and Sci Martin stand?

May sign in Feb. Just have to make sure he’s ready to go.

RD…any chance Williams changes his mind after he looks at some other schools closer by and decide he want’s to be part of this great class?

I don’t think he changed his mind to begin with. I think we pulled the offer because we could do better, and just allowed him to “reopen” his recruiting.

Not true - Arkansas wanted to sign Williams per a coach I asked directly about it last night at the signing day event. He did not wanna to be too far from home.