What happened to Ricky Town?

He was supposedly highly regarded coming out of high school before transferring here from USC. The best I can tell he is running as fourth string QB right now unless he is also behind Jack Lindsey.

Was it a mis-evaluation of his physical abilities? Off the field problems? What is up with him?

Regardless, I think Arkansas and USC should stop accepting QB transfers from the other school. It never seems to work out.

He is just not as good as he was built up to me.

Product of his high school offense.

Got great pub and great rankings by going to camps and performing well.

But clearly can’t make the reads and change plays and execute the way you need to as a college QB

But, he was a 4 star and Austin was a 3 star. And for that matter, Cole Kelley was a 2-3 star.

So, Town is clearly the best QB on campus.

That’s a good one.

As has been said before there will always be some 4/5 stars that are busts and some 2 stars that become Pro Bowl material. In the statistical world they are called outliers. Better to go with the averages though and compose your team of as many highly ranked players as possible. That formula has worked well for the last several conference and national champions.

He did not make it at Alabama. Then couldn’t make it at USC but he was going be a starter at Arkansas. What is right about this sequence of events? :cry:

He was once committed to Alabama, but signed with USC, enrolled in Jan. and left there before the season started

It occurs to me that the people who hand out the stars aren’t held accountable. Rivals and 247 and Scout don’t fire people for misevaluating talent. Those guys would have had you believe that Ricky Town would be a better college QB than 3-star Lamar Jackson. Uh, major whiff on that one. But if coaches misevaluate talent, or can’t fix it with coaching, they tend to pay with their jobs.

One person is paid millions of dollars. The other isn’t.

Not the point. The point is that people freak out because some guy making $40,000 a year or whatever gave Ricky Town four stars and he’s not playing. “Well he was a four-star!” Maybe he shouldn’t have been a four-star. That’s my whole problem with stargazers. You assume that the people who assigned the stars have a clue.

The people assigning stars to all of Alabama’s top ranked classes seem to be on to something.

Maybe we needed to figure out why Bama didn’t want him, and why did USC gladly let him leave?

So far, he a good scout team QB.

How far is this thread going to go in speaking with very little respect about a current player?

Really? I had no idea about that whole idea of averages, outliers, exceptions to the rule, etc. Thanks so much for explaining it for me. I feel like a lightbulb had turned on for me in my life.


The people assigning stars to all of Alabama’s top ranked classes seem to be on to something.

I’m pretty sure my grandma could watch a Top 100 player and do a pretty good job of assigning stars.

How has the basement gang done in evaluation of Oregon’s last few classes? Texas’? Notre Dame’s? Mississippi’s?

Oh, I know. Outliers.

Seem to have done a pretty good job with our classes… high 20’s and low 30’s. Bout right.

Good job. Last word.

Stars matter…OF COURSE, there is an occasional blip/miss, but for the most part, if you look at the top Recruiting classes, you also find the AP top 10… RECRUITING WINS GAMES!!! :shock:

You seem like a pretty intelligent person but if this board ever nominates a smart*** of the year you will get my vote.

Well better hope the freshman is the real deal. Funny in an off week and story and Kelly got all the reps we hear squat about story. And from what little I’ve seen of him in games he’s certainly not the answer. This position has gone from a position of strength to just good as long as Allen stays healthy. Allen goes down we might not win another this year. During one game Morgan gave story a disgusting stare and shook his head after a poor throw. Told me all I need to know right there. Given the beating Allen is taking this year, sure would have been nice to have peeveys legs out there, but wait, that’s not our style. We can’t adapt to that style on offense, and we certainly can’t stop it on defense.