What happened to Rakeem Boyd?

He was not drafted this NFL draft, for good reason, because he had a very poor season in 2020. However, he had a really fine 2019. He ran hard and had great explosiveness that year. He looked to be on his way to an NFL career.

He got injured twice and never really recovered.

Leaving before the season was up didn’t help, but the damage was already done

I truly believe the opting out with two games left sent the wrong message to the NFL brass.


If agree. The perception that a captain of a team opting out of his senior year because of nagging injuries looks bad. It certainly raises questions about his dedication to the team. That and a reluctance to play hurt is not the message one needs to send to NFL teams on draft day.

Very simple, things didn’t work out for him like he hoped they would and now he and many others will have to work their tails off to possibly make a practice squad.
So many of these college athletes get poor advice about what’s best for a possible pro career.

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I think he was injured for much of the season. I believe his shoulders and his legs were a problem over the last two years. NFL teams are wary of a running back who can’t stay on field.

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He should have left early. Returning to school hurt his stock.


That’s interesting thought. He needed surgery to fix a bad shoulder. That’s why he came back to school. He was not healthy after the previous season. That’s the problem with running backs. When are you healthy to go through combine, etc. The decision was made when no one had any regard for Arkansas players, after the Morris era ended. Are you tough? Can you play? What’s wrong with your shoulders? He was not finishing games.

No easy answers.

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I had a nice visit with Rakeem and Dorian Gerald a couple years ago at CJ’s Butcher Boy Hamburgers. Both very well spoken, polite young men. They were roommates and excited about their future. All the best to both.

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