What happened to our red chrome helmets?

Those were bad a$$. I wanted chrome silver helmets with a red hog and chrome face masks with a bold red stripe, but we just seem to be too “plain Jane”.

If i wasn’t so old and semi-retired, I would go to work for Nike in the uniform design department.

I really like Ole Miss’ powder blue uni and helmet. They always look sharp.

Our DMac unis look good, but we need an alternate helmet, but not a white one.

For me and only me, it’s tradition that leads the way.


I love the red chrome too.

Larry, we used to wear grey pants in the 50’s. We also wore a white helmet with a red stripe not that long ago.

J, great find with google to ID a white helmet with a red stripe. Those lids were worn from 1946 to 1950. “Not that long ago” doesn’t translate to 72 years based on what I learned on the Hill, but that is just me. What would forever end my donations though would be drastic altering of the Hog on each side. The one today is smaller than what was worn back in the day.

The Hog has varied in size and appearance since it was introduced in 1964. The original Hog was larger, but it was also not sleek, looking more like Slobber Hog. In 1967 we went to the sleeker Hog, and it has varied a bit in size since then. (Also, Lou Holtz wanted to put a stripe on the helmet; that went over like his endorsement of Jesse Helms).

Here’s a good look at our helmet varieties from the “Helmet Project”. Can’t swear this is 100% accurate but it’s pretty close.

Seems like they have the chrome helmets still around; you see recruits with their photo made in the chrome lids. Maybe Sam will break them out some day.

Great research again! Numbers were on the helmets my freshman year.

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