What happened to officiating after halftime?

Clown car officiating tonight. Allows no rhythm. Very standard for college basketball.

Script flips in officiating at Conference time.

Refs are extremely inserted into play. They more a part of SEC games than the players. And a terrible part.

Having said that we still brick to much on and one opportunities and in general. And apparently unforced mistakes and decisions are not going to get cleaned up. It is what it is. Make a layup.

But they play so extremely hard. I hope Muss can transition this extreme effort into next next seasons incoming roster.

If we make our fts and go up by 10 they would have stopped calling fouls. They want to be in control. Most sports are about officiating not the players. It’s like a refs way a feeling important. They are so lonely it seems. I imagine the ones that aren’t are with their wife’s in the stands watching.

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