What happened to meritocracy?

plenty that suggests you get what the coaches deem not what you do. Dropped passes and missed tackles are easy to see as is the inaccuracy of Jack L. Another legacy is probably chomping at the bit. I was disappointed that Lunney took the ball instead of doing the logical and deferring at half. Not impressed with substitutions and play calling, is it Craddock still pulling the trigger. Plenty of kids confirming that they are as bad as they have played all year. Lunney’s position group is severely underperforming.

Wonder if Drew Locke and Brandon Allen made a side bet on game since Locke has replaced Brandon in Denver?

Deja vu all over is what it feels like. Any chance this does not end up like A$M or KY? ball is in Lunney’s court to prove he is a difference maker.

We can only hope and pray Arkansas football rises to mediocrity. Close to death right now and on life support. Worst coached team I’ve ever witnessed at arkansas