What happened on the last decommit?

I assumed the Auburn game was so bad that when the kid from Memphis ( I think French) decommitted, it was because of that. But, in listening to Trey Biddy broadcast he alluded the scholarship was pulled at the end of the weekend. We desperately needed him. I can’t imagine him doing that unless it was bad. Anyone have a clue as to what really happened? Recruiting seems to be the only positive thing we have had.

There is a rumor posted in one of the French threads in the recruiting forum. Don’t know if that was the actually reason, but based off both RD’s and Dudley’s comments it may have been something similar

Lord help me for actually reading his drivel, but _ally said there was some misbehavior on the recruiting visit and the decommitment was by mutual agreement. If he actually is correct, it’ll be a bigger upset than beating Bama would be.

It had to be more than misconduct. I heard it was more like theft! The mutual thing doesn’t fit the smell test.
LB depth and need for that position doesn’t excuse a cancer on any team.
Him and his 2 class mates committed to the Vols! I guess adding more problem children for Coach Pruitt isn’t a concern for him.

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