What happened in the MS/TN game?

I have been trying to follow the Omahogs and missed the injury.

Nick Weatherspoon got knocked down and hit his head on the floor and was laying on the end line. His brother made a steal, went for a layup, and a TN player attempted to block Q. Both came down on Nick, the TN player landed on Nick’s Head. Nick didn’t move for a few minutes and got stretchered off.

Thanks. Hope he’s okay.

Reported on the SECN that he was moving his toes and talking at the hospital.

That is encouraging.

Honest Ben and his brother are headed to the hospital to see him. Nick has asked about the games score. Hip and back.
The refs allowed play to continue for Tennessee and when the Vols turned it the ball over Moo U had a straight line drive to the basket. Where he was out of bounds behind the basket and got smacked again in the side of the face. Play should have been stopped.

I would not be surprised to see a lawsuit follow. The SEC released a statement that said the officials did not recognize the player was injured. Play had moved from one end of the court to the other and was returning and the player was still in the same place, but they didn’t think he was injured? They allowed play to continue toward him, leaving him in a vulnerable and defenseless position. Yep, I love the smell of litigation in the morning.