What happened at War Memorial tonight?


Salt Bowl: Bryant vs. Benton

Bunch of idiots don’t know how to act.

Largest crowd ever for high school football game in Arkansas (38,000+), but game is cancelled when a fight erupts and gunshots reportedly fired, causing a panic in the stands. Not sure if there were gunshots.

LRPD reported NO shots fired.

Just read that. Probably somebody yelled gun or knife and caused the panic. Sad. Sad. Sad.

Bryant police reported a fight and someone had a taser and the pop sound made some people think gun and there was panic.

Very sad night. I was in the press box and seeing people panic and start running or try to run while trampling people was tough to watch. All kind of things are running through your mind. Terrorism, shots fired during a fight along with many of possibilities. No one really knew and then all the rumors started including shots fired which really pisses me off because some media people tweeted that.

I can’t imagine parents with small kids being in the middle of it. I hope they find the people that started it and give them the max that law allows.

It was reported that kids not associated with either school were causing some problems. I bet there will be a zero policy at next year’s game.

That’s where I saw it was a media report of shots fired. Apparently, they were just guessing in trying to figure out what was going on. That was a dangerous situation that, thankfully, wasn’t worse than it was.

They tweeted it very early after the panic. I saw where some people are are saying it was a scare, but it was a panic. People were jumping from the stands to the field and that’s evidently a seven foot drop.

I was in the stands last night. Bryant kids came rushing over to our section, jumping over barricades, saying there was a gun. People began to panic and run. I had two of my kids with me, but couldn’t find my son’s friend who came with us. I went into the concourse to find the friend and they shut the metal concession shields. The loud noise caused another brief panic. My wife texted me and said the friend was safe, with family, and already out the gate. I went back and got my family. It was scary. I’ll never forget the way the kids started running, and people started saying things like “gun” and “shooter”. Pretty emotional day in church this morning too. Lots of upset kids and parents.


This guy is clueless.

As an alumni of Bryant, this isn’t unusual. From my freshman year to my senior year, there were 3 at least minor to major scraps that have started between Bryant/Benton. Two towns that are very friendly towards each other till a football game comes up and then every angst each town has for each other comes out.

Sadly, this could have been avoided and I wish nothing but the best for those injured. Next year, if there is a next year, they’ll have to do a better job of separating the fans in the stands.

I’m a native of LR. I’d just assumed it was local “youth” that started the ruckus. Sort of sad I made that assumption. But little comfort knowing Saline County’s finest started it. Can’t have nice things. Truly a bunch of uncivilized idiots.

Fights at football games have been happening since there’ve been football games. What has changed is the fact we’ve now had a bunch of mass shootings at places like schools. Everyone is acutely aware of the risk, no matter how small, of something happening at a big event like this.

I won’t speculate on whether there was a gun anywhere or whether someone had something that looked like a gun or sounded like a gunshot. It’s too bad people paniced. People can be trampled in that kind of stampede. I hate it, but perhaps we’re going to need metal detectors or some other searches to allow people into big events like that. We do that at RRS now.

And to think some idiot wanted to allow guns in RRS. Thank goodness no John Wayne wannabe pulled out a gun to protect anyone or shoot whoever he suspected was the armed offender. It would have made it even worse.

Very good points,Neastarkie. The mass shooting prevalence is a form of new-normal terrorism that has us all on edge at mass gatherings and more prone to overreact. And don’t get me started on allowing open or concealed carry at big sporting events.

This may be a stupid post. but it crossed my mind. If playing games in Little Rock do you think it will hurt the Razorbacks recruiting else where. The reason I’m saying this is because some mothers and fathers might not want their sons playing in L.R.??? Like I said its just a thought!

On TV here in Atlanta they just said a high school football game and actually some will think they have a really nice high school football stadum over there.

Which guy?

https://collegefootball.ap.org/williams … evacuation

going national, 38k? someone schedule Allen TX.

He made his account private and you can’t see the tweet now.