What happened after the 2nd Keizor HR??

The radio guys kept talking about it

Blaine shut em down and we scored some more runs to win the game 10/2.:grin:

as he came home and crossed the plate. (He certainly was staring him down.)

Looked like Grant wasn’t all that pleased about it … but Blaine had a big ol’ grin on his face.

I don’t care if it was the guy’s 2nd HR of the game (& 5th of his career), it’s really stupid to do that when your team is getting the crap beat out of them.


Thanks ! I figured it was something of the sort…


Go Hogs !!!

I actually thought Blaine said something to him first. That’s what it looked like on the ole IPad.

It looked like Blaine may have said something first but his back was too the camera. Based on the way the other player reacted after passing Blaine and looking back and chirping I think Blaine said something first lol. Blaine has a little edge to him, little fire in the belly when he was out there so would have been interesting to know what he said if he did. Surprised the media didn’t bring it up after the game or if they did I missed it.

They didn’t, and that surprised me. Thought that must have been an interesting exchange.

Keizer flipped his bat after the second homer (ala the Kentucky CF when we were beating them). Blaine said something as he crossed the plate, probably suggesting he take a peak at the scoreboard). Some jawing ensued. Umps stepped between them. Nothing to see here. Move along. My seats are pretty close to the visitor dugout so we saw it pretty clearly. Couldn’t hear it.

My son and I chuckled about that Kentucky player was probably watching on TV since he’s got nothing to do this week …

I watched the game, I missed that part when the Umps stepped between the two :smiley:

I can’t swear I didn’t get distracted as he crossed the plate, but all I saw on TV was Blaine looking back & smiling & maybe saying something as he went back to the mound.