What happened after Florida 2009 Hose Job?

The officiating crew got suspended - as they should have - and the fanbase and I expect the players talked about it the entire next week leading in to the next game. We rolled in to Oxford and gave up 30+ first downs and got destroyed by Ole Miss. Looked lethargic and flat from the outset. Completely different team than the one that took the field in Gainesville.

Sam has a challenge this week… getting the staff and kids to turn the page and channel their obvious disappointment in to the motivation needed to execute at a high level against Ole Miss. I think it’s easier said than done - there is a reason for the saying “ don’t let _______ beat you twice.”

I’ll be interested to see how we respond.

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Good point. So far his leadership skills have exceeded my expectations. They were high expectations… But I have been over the moon happy with the competitiveness thus far.

You raised a good question. My belief (and hope) is that Sam will keep them focused unlike the previous two (alleged) coaches.

One thing is for sure…the entire sports world is solidly behind us on this screw job. Which helps almost zilch…

But part of the reason that the Curles’ crew was suspended was that it was a second offense. They screwed up an earlier game.

From an ESPN article about the suspension: “The same group of officials called the LSU-Georgia game earlier this month, which included a late unsportsmanlike conduct penalty the league said shouldn’t have been called.”

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