What Grade would everyone give Morris

on the coaching job he did with what he had this season? Can’t vote incomplete. That’s a cop out. This season counted.

Also, on a scale of 1 (Least) to 10 (Most), how confident are you in his ability to turn this around and make us a decent to good SEC football team? I’ll hang up and listen and vote later.

Coaching this year…D

Turning around program…7


I knew the season was going to be bad, although I did think we would win more than 2. I knew it would be bad because I knew how depleted with talent we were, and the fact that we had bad, bad talent at QBs.

We improved in special teams. I’ll give that grade a B. It needs to get better but was definitely better at the end than it was at the beginning.

Offense, I give a C. But when you have no talent on the offense you can’t really expect much. By no talent I mean literally 2 guys worth a crap.

Defense, I give a C. I don’t believe in Chavis. I think he’s washed up, I’ve stated that before. I think the most value he brings is recruiting.

Recruiting- A+. Great job here.

I’d put my number at an 8 in believing in Morris. Why? Because I starts with recruiting and he understands that. He also is a hard worker and probably won’t sleep well for the next few months because I know he will be focused on doing whatever it takes to get better. He can do it, but he was handed a butter knife in a gun fight. It will take a while, but it can andnwill happen. He’s more than a high school coach, and I certainly believe he is better than the last bum we had.

Coaching - C He mismanaged the QB position although there were no easy answers there. Should have procured a grad transfer QB for this season. I hope he at least tried to do so. It cost us early against CSU and NT.

Turning it around? 4 I like the early returns in recruiting a lot, but the hole is very deep. He may well suffer the fate of David Beatty at Kansas who is leaving a much better roster than he inherited, but ran out of time.

I agree with Jackson, he mismanaged the QB position as far as Im concerned - IMO they should have gone to Noland 7 games ago

Coaching 4
Turn around 4

Well, we were 2-10. So normally the grade for that ain’t very good. But considering the situation, I’ll give him a D+ I thought he fumbled the QB position. I don’t think he stayed true to who he is as a coach in philosophy. I don’t think he coached this team up any. I don’t think he got the buy in a first year coach must get from his team.

Having said that taking over what he took over was disastrous.

Recruiting. On paper looks good. Jury is still out on some he brought in in first class, I understand that was a quick patch job that he did pretty well on again on paper.
I think they needed more oline JC help. I’m not sold on any QB I have seen yet. I hope Jefferson shows better. I am encouraged by what I have seen of him on video.
They rest of this current class, will be huge. I like the direction of this class in talent. We just need more Olinemen.

Direction of the program? As of right now? 5


Coaching: D+

Confidence: 5

Coaching: C. Many have expressed the same feelings I have. I think he’s a good coach and tried to do the best with what he had, but there were some situational things that made me scratch my head.

Hope: 10. Call me what you want, but I saw the same negative comments about Mike Anderson and that situation has mostly turned around. I see no difference in what Morris can do here.

One of the commentators mentioned “working so hard to recruit for the future that he may have failed to recruit inside his locker room” or something along those lines. That had a very true ring to it. He may have known he needed to clean house in a big way and did not try too hard to get buy-in from many. He might have won a game or two more if he had gone all in with Connor Noland early, but he tried to make do with the two he had. That did not work out well for this year but, in the future, we may all agree it was the right move. Connor as a 5th year redshirt is going to be way more better than Connor as a true freshman trying to survive behind this offensive line. How was he supposed to fix this offensive line? He was unable to do much about it in his first abbreviated recruiting class. So far, he has not done much to fix the O-line in his second class either, but that may change. So, I have guardedly positive feelings about CCM.

B- On coaching this group of players this year. He had quarterbacks, offensive linemen, and wide receivers that were totally inadequate for his offense. He was not hired to mold his offense to them. He was hired to mold this team to his offense. The price to do that turned out much higher than we all, including him, expected, but, in the end, it was the right thing to do.

7.5 On likelihood of him ending up a huge success at Arkansas

Four and 4

Make him earn his respect

Watching Ohio State/ Michigan we did not have the talent to compete in any Power 5 conference. The team was built for the Big 10 and was probably on a par with Rutgers. By late season CCM had taken them as far as they could go with the team’s talent level and depth or lack of depth.

On coaching: 4. Reason: I believe he handed off the offense to Craddock and Craddock isn’t ready for the full leadership of his assistants and the coaching and evaluation of his players–just too much on his plate. That is a coaching mistake by CCM.

On ability to turn it around: 8 if he makes some changes to his staff, particularly offensive coordinator.

People are giddy over the recruiting but in almost every rating, we are still in the lower half of the SEC-West, despite having possibility the best rated recruiting class ever. Not saying I don’t like the recruits, but we still have work to do there to get more studs.

Coaching grade
Looking back at things probably the best we could have hoped for was 4 wins
We absolutely should not have lost to UNT, and that was probably the only game I had a problem with coaching approach. We came out determined to throw deep sideline routes, only to have receivers totally on another planet than the QB. Blew up in our face and got totally out of hand to one of the few teams we may have had a talent advantage on.
Certainly should not have blown the lead to CSU. Would love to have that 4th down play again. Who know how that would have changed things.
After that, I thought Coach did a pretty dang good job of keeping the guys fighting against what was really the toughest part of the schedule. Offense seemed to have figured some things out, but all of a sudden the defense became moribund.
And finally it looked like the team just quit the last two games. So there seemed to be some positives until the last two games. Easy to say that’s on coaches, but I say BS to that.

Faith for future
College football success is about 80% determined by recruiting. (Personal opinion there)

Head Coach Job - on-field, hiring coaches, player motivation, in-year improvement, etc - D-

Head Coach Job - recruiting B+ (A, in all but OL recruiting so far)

Confidence as a head coach - 3 (Proven great OC, still lots to prove as a college head coach - 4 yrs - 16-32, best season 7-5 in non pwr 5 school in yr 3). Many great OC’s don’t turn out to be great head coaches. Very different job requirements.

6 wins next year and a top 15 recruiting class for 2020 and I’ll have a confidence level of 9.

Coaching - C
Turnaround - B
Recruiting - A

I’d give an incomplete for turnaround but agree with the other two. We don’t have the horses. BB is mostly to blame but even with that, he recruited several OL who could/should have been playing this year but are no longer playing football for health or other reasons.