What gets me about Morris

Is that always blames it on players saying we are young etc. He never says we have got to do a better job preparing these guys coaching and that is on me!

According to certain posters and media personnel, he does say that.

He has said that several times this season.

He does say this, often, but it just hasn’t translated to the field.

He and Chavis have said that plenty times this season.


Hasn’t helped anything, but he has said it.

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On twitter, the Gamecock fans are talking about CCM coming to be the OC.

I think I have heard him say this almost verbatim, and on more than one occasion.

I have heard that the coaches – and himself personally – need to do a better job of coaching. It may be that he’s said it so many times that we don’t always write it in stories, but he has mentioned that in plenty of press conferences. So has Chavis.

He says all that, but then he says what a great week in practice they had, etc. Then they come out on game day and look like they have. It’s not on the players.

The original poster said “never.”