What Georgia Tech said after the game

What’d they say?

Click on the link.

As far as Josh Pastner, he never once gave Arkansas any credit. It was all about his team committed too many turnovers and missed too many shots. He seemed to also have a mantra that he repeated like 7 or 8 times in his 7 min span, and it was “… we had the lead and the kid hit a prayer”

I didn’t watch the player interviews.

I for one don’t want to listen to a video, I want a reporter to cover the story. You know, listen to the people, write it down, write a story. Then I can read the story.

I should add I get you are not a reporter.

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Players gave credit.

Reporter were asking questions and he would comment. We didn’t have reporters asking him questions. If you don’t appreciate the link that’s ur objective.

I was just responding to your “click the link” when someone asked what was said. To me, and many others, a video is many times not an option and isn’t a preferred way to get news. I think it is in large part a age thing (we had a long discussion on here a few years ago about that). I don’t want to watch a video of a press conference. I want a reporter to tell me what was said in a press conference. Instead of spending 20 minutes (I have no idea how long these videos were, just using that as an example) watching something that has 2 minutes of interesting content, I want a reporter to tell me about the interesting 2 minutes in a story I can read in about 1 minute. My son on the other hand wants to watch the press conference because he doesn’t trust the reporter to tell him (1) what was interesting and (2) get it right as to what was said.

Generational differences I believe.

When I click on a link and it is to a video instead of a story about the video, I just click the back button and move on.

I understand what you’re saying. Me I do like to watch the videos and see the expression on players and coaches face. I also like to read stories as well, so I have nothing against either way I get the stories.

I like both, sometimes. I prefer the written word so I can read at my own speed.

Although the videos are ok if I’m on a computer & lightening fast internet. But I do most of this on a phone and my patience goes thin if they don’t open quickly plus I don’t hear as good as I used to in my younger days.

Also with me, many times I am surfing the web while sitting with my wife watching TV. No way to watch videos at that point.