What game?

Does anybody else see some irony in the fact that the NWA edition of the DemGaz contains a story lamenting the terrible attendance at the bball games this so far this year and within that story a mere one inch mention of UT Arlington game is the lone mention of tonight’s game. Not only the sole mention in today’s game-day paper but, if I’m not mistaken, the only story on the game period.

With all due respect, it’s not the newspaper’s responsibility to promote UA sporting events. It’s the newspaper’s responsibility to report what readers want and need to know about the games. There’s been a great deal of chatter among fans regarding attendance at home games, especially after Monday night. Just take a look at this board or listen to talk radio.

So a story about attendance makes perfect sense and fits the newspaper’s mission.

Nothing ironic about it. Just reflective of the current situation.

This is the first time I can remember that our statewide newspaper did not have an article with lineups, etc on the day of the game. I guess Bob got caught up in the topic started by SIU coach and then extended by Bo and other talking heads.

Coach Hinson may have done more damage than help. Now those 4000 plus that attended the last game don’t even know there is a game today, :smiley:

Oh, I imagine people can read their tickets. That is how most of us figured out when the games were, back before the Internet.

I forgot to put smiley face after my last statement.

All of that information is below his story in the newspaper. But Bob is not responsible for agate appearing or not appearing. If it didn’t appear, that would be a decision that comes from the copy and design desk.

Not complaining about what was reported, i.e. the crowds, which have been disgraceful. My complaint is with what was not reported. For example, I just thought DG readers might want to know that UTA is returning all 5 starters from a team that won 24 games. In fact I suspect that fact would have been more likely to address the problem identified in the story than the story itself. Not a matter of sports dept. role. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Yeah. Casual fans could use a story to read that tells them how good UT Arlington might be.

Sounds like a very, very good 1-2 Team

My mistake. I did not look down far enough on the page. Usually that information is in a box within the article. I will delete my post. Of course, I cannot delete my post since it has been replied to.

This may be a difference between the Central Arkansas edition and the NW Ark edition, but the box that lists the lineups, etc. for the game also has “Chalk Talk” at the bottom of the box that states:
“UTA returns all five starters from last season’s 24-11 team and is the preseason pick to win the Sun Belt Conference.”

A Friday night game with high school football playoffs and still 2 weekends of college football going on is going to dominate media attention. They keep starting college basketball earlier and earlier. For many years, unless you were invited to a holiday tournament the season didn’t really get going until after Thanksgiving.