What fans should expect from Jalen Harris

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Spent a few hours watching film and also went through a lot of data about Harris. I think he has the potential to be a difference-maker because he is fast and combines a great handle with good vision. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say his handle and vision are better than any of the returnees from the current roster (not that that’s necessarily a high bar to clear). He has to improve his outside shot, get stronger and become more consistent defensively, but I think it’s fairly easy to see why Mike and the staff deemed him worthy of a scholarship.

Can you say Squeaky Johnson 2.0.? Mike has a history with smallish quick point guards.

Man, Jimmy. You are very, very talented. Continue to impress on pieces like this one. Thanks!

Appreciate it! I think he and Justice have the potential to be a really good combination.

I know Justice had a great showing at the Real Deal. Have you checked out any of their Adidas games? I know some are streamed, but I haven’t seen any. Was surprised when I looked at their stats the other day and saw he was just 13-29 from the line in 8 games.

You’ve seen him more often, but I’m sold on him as a shot creator/floor general from what I have seen. Just thought that was a bit shocking and wondered how indicative that is of his shooting. Obviously not a huge sample size.

On another note, Isaiah is 30-60 from 3. Goodness.

Good stuff.

Harris seems to have a lot of tools. This staff has been consistent in getting guards to reach their potential, and Harris seems to have a higher ceiling than most of the raw material that they have been molding at PG. He doesn’t have the inherent athletic limitations of players like Gulley, Madden, Durham, and Beard. I’m looking forward to seeing him in uniform.

Jimmy, as Razor said, a great piece. That was a master class on how to analyze a player. You definitely know your basketball, but putting that into print is a whole different skill. We are going to enjoy your writing while HI is blessed to have you.

I think one side benefit of Harris signing now is that our 2017-18 guards will get to practice defending a quick, pass first PG every day. PGs like Casey Hill gave us the most defensive problems last year. If practice makes perfect, Harris will contribute next year in an indirect way.

As I posted before, Dr. Fitz Hill is on DTS every Monday and Thursday. I had sent a question thru DTS Live Fan Feedback asking Fitz about Justice’s FT shooting. But then I wasn’t able to listen because of a conflict. If anyone was listening and Dr. Hill answered my question, please post here.

Appreciate it!

And I totally agree. That was obviously a substantial part of the why the defense struggled last year, so seeing that kind of quickness every day in practice will help Jaylen, Anton and Daryl, if he is here.