What exactly are the UA politics in this head coach decision?

  1. Does HY have the authority to fire or retain CCM on his own?
  2. Does HY have to recommend to the Chancellor?
  3. Do the two of them have final authority or do they recommend to the President and BOT?
  4. Will the big money donors get involved (be consulted) before the final decision?

I would assume that the top people, BOT, big Donors, President would be more involved in a new hiring than a firing. Is that right?

As important as this hiring is, I expect that the AD will identify the target coaches and the chancellor and the BOT will sign off on Yurachek’s choice. I think that everyone realizes that this hire is critical for all our athletic programs. We need the football money to keep the show running.

A lot of BOT decisions led to this debacle, and they and the RF are still on the hook for both the previous hire that didn’t pan out over 5 years plus a spend-foolish Stadium bond being funded by disgruntled investors. The BOT/Chancellor will be and should be as involved in the next “Hog Call” as Yurachek, who didn’t hire Morris or agree to such a hefty buyout for a guy who was stepping up from a minor league job to run with the Big Boys in the SEC. Jeff Long thought “if you build it, they will come” applied to SEC football stadiums more than to an Iowa cornfield. Someone better build a program the RIGHT way up on the Hill through the trenches first, then with speed… and show the progress ASAP. If Chad stays, he better improve his QB evaluations and public relations image a’ la press conferences–ASAP. I bet the die is already cast, though, by those with bigger checkbooks.

I’m sure HY will be getting pressure from the Board, Boosters, and others in leadership roles on a choice for Head Coach. These forces will be trying to determine if HY can be bullied and intimidated by them. This will be the biggest decision of HY’s tenure at the University. Hopefully, HY will resist these forces and make a choice he believes will be the best for the football program.