What drives me nuts about AA

is his inability to get rid of the football quickly! He has been doing this since he came to UA and I haven’t seen any improvement whatsoever! Folks that isn’t coaching that’s not being fast enough or unable to read rushing linemen or blitzes. I like AA but he is killing us with loses behind line scrimmage and having 2nd or 3rd and forever. It’s a good thing we don’t run a hurry up offense cause he would be a disaster! We need a qb who has quick feet AND can make quick decisions on the field!

I can’t decide if he is trying to make the big play? Or he can’t read and throw people open or lead them? Then try’s to make that up with his arm?

The other problem I saw was him not being a leader! His body language was terrible. Plus great cameras mean you can read lips?

He is tough but could save himself with quicker read and release.

You can be tuff but there’s no place for a pacifier on the football field. He either needs to man up and lead and trade places with Cole Kelly.
One thing for sure he won’t be on the field next year to throw a pass, get sacked or pxxx and moan!
Looking forward to it.

Well with all due respect as far as running the HUHN offense, most reads are done pre snap and most of the time the pass is determined then as well with very little progressions.
Pro Set offense is making the reads on the fly going thru progressions after the snap and a lot of the times throwing where a receiver is supposed to be IF that receiver is on the same page & runs precise route plus having the ability to create separation.

AA didn’t struggle this much last year with a veteran receiving corp. Not all of it on the QB.

Too many times “getting rid of the ball” equals forcing the ball. We saw on the last play Saturday what happens when you try to force the ball. We’ve seen Nance can get open deep but I’m not sure how good he is at running precise short and intermediate routes to get separation. The rest of the WR group, without J-Red, is largely an unknown quantity, and what we know isn’t very good.

My problem with Austin Allen is if you look at the play or he threw the interception in overtime there is a ton of green Astroturf to the right of the pocket he probably could have either run it in or gotten very close to the goal line making fourth-down a lot easier play Where you could either run it or pass it …

The play on the interception was a check down. Can’t force it on third down. You have another down.

Y’all, this receiver corp that was highly touted, is not that good and is not getting open…