What does this team look like next year?

Do we add depth to O line and D line? Secondary grows further. Receivers grow up. Running backs?

If we can add some experience and maybe juco depth in O and D lines, could we actually be pretty good?

They will add 2-3 OL and a few DL.
Secondary, Receivers and RBs should all make improvement.
Surely they will be better, but just how much is the question.

I know this is probably way to far in the future of a question to know now, but I’ve been saying since we hired Morris that a dual threat QB is what is needed to make this offense really go. What are the chances K.J. Jefferson actually pushes Starkel and Jones for the starting job this coming spring?

KJ has a lot of potential and I think has a chance to be the best of the QBs on campus down the line.

Yes, I think he can make a run and challenge for time next season.

I have no doubt that as the season goes along that he will be given a package of plays and play in four games and keep his redshirt.

KJ, his high school coach Carl Diffee, the Arkansas coaches and I all agree that he needs to redshirt this season, grow and be a QB down the line who can be great instead of burning a redshirt this season.

The only people who think KJ is ready right now are fans who have not seen him and are relying on what they have heard about him.

He’ll be eased in and be better for it.

The same thing with Chandler Morris. He will best be served by redshirting.


I will look forward next season to seeing what the answer is to your question, I think we will be surprised. Very good question! WPS

i agree, redshirt is needed for most freshmen. i think two or three of our freshmen receivers were the real deal, and have played fairly well this year. if they just don’t get killed out there. sec west is a ton different from high school ball. offensive linemen and those defensive tackles we signed last year need to develop a ton from this year to next. we will need them next year. i think in 2 years this team will be a better than average team. im talking 7 to 8 win years.

keep adding players and one year they break through. plus saban won’t coach forever. Aggies will figure they overpaid for jimbo, gus will ruffle some feathers or not win enough at auburn. Orgeron at LSU is gonna be tough. he has finally seen the light. mississippi st and ole miss will return to the bottom of the west.

You can start true freshmen with the right recruiting class. Georgia starts five true freshmen and 68.5% of their team is freshmen and sophomores. Two of them are on the offensive line and may have a third starting if the current LG can’t play Saturday. As well as CCM has done recruiting, we are sitting with 18 4* and 5* players only ahead of Ky., Vandy, and Mo. Compare that to Alabama with 68, Georgia with 60, and LSU at 51.

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Dudley answered pretty well. I’m 76 years old and we need to continue recruiting well or I’ll never see it happen on the field. I see it coming through recruiting but please hurry! WPS

This is how I felt last year, but I now believe that three wins is the prospect for this season. That doesn’t generate much excitement for the future under this staff.