What does this mean for Holland commitment

This is a new fresh contact made by Arkansas

See my post from this past weekend

It means absolutely nothing for a Holland commitment. If Holland wants to commit to Arkansas, it will be accepted, period. No other possible outcome.

If you are asking, does this indicate that Holland is not going to commit, I wouldn’t think so. It is merely a contact by UA basketball. I would guess it’s just the same as nearly every portal entry, Arkansas basketball made contact.

If Holland decides on G-League or another college, then perhaps Muss could see Julian as a possible replacement.

Just my take on this.

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Muss reached out, not the AR staff

I wish it was “auto dial’ contact as I call them. Julian was not contacted when he initially entered the portal. It just happened.

If it is not Holland, I would like to have Julian. I liked him when I watched at the McDonalds game. Similar physical measurements, just different skills.

I agree with that. I noticed an article dated today, from 247, talking about Julian and noting that he is leaning to staying in the draft. Also note the last sentence of the article: “Phillips will need an NCAA waiver if he wants to return to college and play for an SEC school”.

I don’t know why this would be the case.?

Is this what you were referring to in that post?

There has been speculation for a few weeks we would accept both if the opportunity presented itself, however this past weekend a lot of rumors started about guys like Holland and Nelson not looking at us. I hope they’re wrong.

Also hearing Devo and Walsh are likely to return to college but not necessarily coming back to AR. And remember Walsh was working out with Holland before he decomitted. So, if he is upset with Muss and the staff about anything it didn’t necessarily help us the way everyone believes.

Again, these are rumors that started late last Friday and started picking up a little steam, especially after Holland visited Ignite.

I really hope they are not true.

He originally committed to Florida, but then when Florida fired Coach White, he decommitted and signed a LOI with Tennessee.

I wonder if whoever wrote this, believes he signed a LOI with Florida. But even then, he never played for Florida, so a waiver should be a no problem.

Isn’t it too late for them to transfer and get immediate eligibility, since they missed the portal transfer window?

Walsh, definitely. If Devo has graduated, he can hit the portal outside the window, but dunno if that’s possible.

Do you know why?

No clue, I will say that the people that usually have good info were kind of surprised that Holland visited the Ignite so long after he requested his release

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