What does O and D look like next year?

With admittedly Hog colored glasses, I wonder if some improvements and hope definitely possible with a new coaching regime and a refocus like never before in off season strength and conditioning.

Young linemen get a shot to mature and get older.

Same for young DBs.

Very nice looking receivers growing up.

Not sure on D line but believe some young talent there.

Need some help at linebacker to high SEC level maybe get some juco help.

If Boyd comes back you have a work horse in backfield.

Some talent at qb if can be developed and get best out of them.

Fortunately there are some young guys already here that get a chance to develop and grow before next season.

With the right coaching and development, I wonder if some real hope to improve quickly over this program low point.

I can buy most of your points. One big problem is depth. Thin at most if not all of these positions. A killer in the SEC.

Big question on offense will be the QB. I think the oline will be better, at least it looked pretty good yesterday.

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I’m an optimist by nature, but I fear we are several years away before we can compete with the best in the SEC. We need it all, size, speed, athleticism, and we need it at virtually all positions. And, yes, depth as well. It’s going to take awhile. The new coach will need a few years at least.

We have pieces of a good team, just not a complete team. We need a third receiver, a second CB, a second safety, a second DT and DE, and another OL or two. We have one or two SEC-ready players at each position, but not a complete position group. At least not yet. New coaches and a year of practicing/strength training can fix that.

Depends on who stays, who transfers, the coach and his assistants. It won’t be pretty

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Maybe I’m reading this wrong but I don’t see 1 or 2 SEC types currently at each position group

We are a soft team which has been coached poorly, we shouldn’t get beat in the non con games. We need to become more physical on both sides of the ball, we have a few guys that could have a high ceiling under the right coaches and system.Recruit well and coach up the current and incoming players to see a difference on the field. WPS

Who the heck is going to be our go to RB next year? I can’t see Boyd coming back. Devwah is finished. Heyden is probably leaving. Spivey barely sniffed the field. Hammond is not an SEC calibre back. How big is Trelon Smith? Can he handle 15-20 carries per game?