What does Morris do to win an SEC game?

The defense is pretty good…played well today. Just like last week. The offense, particularly the offensive line, is not SEC quality. The special teams are not good. So, if you are Chad Morris what do you do differently to try to keep from going winless in the SEC this year? We are 0-2 getting ready to be 0-3. Vandy and Ole Miss are possibilities. We aren’t going to beat anybody with an offense scoring like we are this year, so what does he do to jump start the offense? What can he do?

  1. I hope he takes over the play calling. Big Chief can handle the D.
  2. Let Connor Noland get some snaps, maybe…just not against Bama.

What are his options other than this? Anybody?

I think we beat Vandy, well at least we have a chance at home.

I too am not impressed with our boy wonder OC.

Not sure you can criticize the OC at all right now.

Pretty hard to score when your OL is just absolutely awful, no way around it. WRs aren’t getting separation like we need, mike woods is our best receiver and he’s just a freshman. Storey is giving us great effort and leadership, but he doesn’t have the arm to do a lot of the things they want to do.

Until we get that fixed, in my opinion you’re jumping the gun criticizing Joe.

If you aren’t impressed with the OC you aren’t impressed with the HC. It’s his offense.


With that said he needs some time to recruit his players. As the other poster mentioned this OL is so bad it’s hard to establish anything.

I’d like to see more of an actual route tree. We don’t do much inside the hashes. I thought the had some chances today. QB and OL talent hurts us badly. It’s hard to tell about the WRs and TEs. They don’t get too many chances.

It stinks because the Defense is pretty salty and might be really good with any help, whatsoever from the hammer down offense.

I haven’t really said anything, but all you guys realize that the difference in the final score was the last aTm TD drive, where it appeared we had them stopped and the defense got called TWICE for hands to the face. I know it’s easy to point fingers at the kids, but Chavis himself said (during fall practice) when the defense gets tired it starts making mistakes, that’s exactly what happened today. If you blame the ST for allowing a 100 yard, or the Oline for not blocking, you also have to blame the defense for boneheaded mistakes. It was a total team effort, and if we win again, it’ll be no different. It will be a total team effort.

PS, I agree with you about the route tree.

I’m not gonna blame them for the 2nd one. It was pretty weak and if they’re gonna call that they could have called TAMU holding about 20xs including that play.

Similarly, if they’re gonna call targeting every time we mke any hard contact (and then waive it off) maybe they could have when we had a player catch a pass on the last drive and get drilled in the head (a week after our TB was concussed on one and there was no call).

I know it’s a thankless job but I’m really tired of the inconsistency.

I agree with you on what’s highlighted

This O-line is scary bad in virtually every aspect including the center snap. We will lose the best (relative term) talent next year and restocking with incoming JC’s and freshmen will do little to advance the situation. The mountain will be steep to climb out of this hole.

Defense is precarious as well. Need to recruit a couple of good juco LBS

Watts gone
Ramsey gone
Greenlaw gone
Harris declare early?
Pulley - believe he is likely to declare

Sosa will probably leave.

Agree - meant to include him as well.