What does Jeff Long mean?

Is he satisfied with the football program

Is his attitude foreshadow the program has lost its completive strive for excellence in the win loss colloum or excellence only in character development ?

http://gridironnow.com/twitter-exchange … -arkansas/

He consistently goes to we are not at win at all cost program, I assume hinting that we won’t break rules to win.

What I have a hard time with, is he clearly either doesn’t understand or care, that you don’t have to break rules to win.

We should be a program with a winning mentality. JFB would’ve outed CBB a long time ago, I don’t think anyone will argue that, it’s been mentioned he wasn’t too high on him in his ability to coach already. (Atleast things I’ve read from sources close to him)

Jeff doesn’t care about winning, as long as he keeps the finances right. Winning isn’t his top priority, in my opinion, not even in his top 3. He is complacent.

I wish we could push our coaches to win. Stop this we are not a win at all cost program b.s. We can be and should be a good football program, but we aren’t showing it. It starts at the top, he has a complacent mentality, the coach shows a complacent mentality, and the product on the field is taking it as well. Disappointing.

“we are not a win at all cost program” translation = “we are a make money at all cost program”

if the constant jumbotron advertisements in game, refusal to put stats on the scoreboard instead of sponsorships, harassing phone calls to demand increased donations or threaten to lose years of basketball season ticket priority, and hundreds of millions in debt sold under the public university’s credit rating for some corporate luxury box construction isn’t enough to convince you what the program is all about… make no mistake. it ain’t about winning or the fan experience. his latest statement says it all in regards to bielemas five year losing record, “we need more money to be competitive in the sec”

I know the man gets a lot of heat and I don’t agree with everything he does.

But having spent a lot of time with him in Spain last summer and talking about things just like this - criticism of just wanting to make money - I just don’t believe that to be the case.

Yes, he is in the business of making money. If you are in the SEC and fighting an arms race, you better me.

I will never criticize what he tries to do with the program in terms of embracing the whole student-athlete - including academics, development of the person socially.

The Jones Family Success Center is truly a marvel in that regard. It would be great if each fan could see how it operates.

Coach B is going to have to win at a certain level or the University of Arkansas will move on to a new coach.

And just what did Jeff Long have to do with the funding/building of the Jones Family Success Center?

Publicly he will support CBB, privately he is feeling the heat believe me

From all accounts, it basically was his idea; part of the master plan he put together his first couple of years here.

You or I could have had the idea, but where do you think the money came from, I doubt Jeff Long raised any of it or any given because of him.

He could’ve kept the old academic area in the stadium, but wanted a more adequate building. The Jones center is the largest in the SEC and the nation. It has made a very strong impression on kids and parents. Aaron Hayden, Chase’s father raved about the building and the support the UA provides.

I’m like Dudley, I don’t agree with everything he does, but I’m not going to sit here and not give credit when it’s deserved.

As far as what Jeff means from that tweet - who knows? It lacks context and isn’t newsworthy, but it doesn’t stop aggregate sites from trying to make something out of it.

If you want to know Jeff’s latest thoughts on the program, I’d suggest you watch this video from the Little Rock Touchdown Club the other day.


There is no doubt he had a hand in fundraising for it, particularly with the Jones family.

Best thing JL could do right now is stay off Twitter and quit getting into it with the fans on there.

Amen to the last sentence.

That’s the last thing he should be doing.


I think you’re the most balanced reporter in the Arkansas Sports Media

This video speaks volumes to me

Jeff Long was professional, polite, and the program is for the Athletes who play the game

That’s what I heard

That may be professional pander - I think DD was right - at some point Coach Bret has to win or he will be let go

Let’s s see what happens but I see more time ahead with losses and a falling away of the fan base -

I think the fan base is losing hope

I may be in the minority but I don’t want to cheat to win. I am not naïve to think and/or believe that drinks, food, etc are paid for at all schools, that is a perk and a way of life. What I don’t want is us to be paying 650k for a defensive lineman, etc. like rumored Ole Miss, LSU, etc. Recruiting is hard but things are getting better. I think that Jeff Long has the long term view for Arkansas. The Jones Center is truly something to see. This has and will continue to help in recruiting. He has built a good foundation facility wise to allow the coaches in all sports to try to recruit and sign the best players available. Eventually, in a year or two, if Bielema doesn’t win, he will be let go.

Now, I have always heard that history repeats itself and I am not so sure we aren’t there again. In 1992 we joined the SEC. We were not prepared talentwise nor facility wise for the upgrade. To make matters worse we fired our Head Coach after the first game. Danny Ford comes in and builds the talent level up, makes a couple of bowl games, but a youthful team does him in. The Fans clamored for Houston Nutt over Tubberville. Nutt comes in, with a more experienced team goes 10-2. After the first two years the talent waned for Houston and, worried he would get fired, Broyles gave him a pass. In state talent such as Matt Jones, Darren McFadden, Shawn Andrews and Peyton Hillis combined with a down Alabama program provided some spark, however, Nutt LOST 4 games with McFadden Jones and Hillis in his damn backfield. Petrino comes in with the Warren 3, Ryan Mallett and Tyler Wilson and rest is history. However, Petrino let talent and discipline wane and decline. Bielema, like Danny Ford before him, has come in and seemingly stabilized the program. No arrests, more talent on the team, academic improvements, etc. He, unfortunately, has been a victim of some of the lowest numbers of Arkansas kids available to try to change the program. He has gotten most of the Arkansas kids, just needs up to produce more of them. We need to let this play out of the next 2-3 years Then make a decision. I think that is what Jeff Long is looking to do here.

recruiting is the number one priority. New beautiful facilities help. Coaches who can recruit are much MUCH more important.

just saying I hope we win 6. Do you think BB survives with 5 wins?

If he were to win five, I still think he would be the coach next year unless a booster steps forward with a check for $11.7 million dollars to completely buy him out.

You also would need money to pay off the new coach’s buyout - if he has one. Any currently employed head coach worthy of switching to would no doubt have one.

The following year when the buyout is down to “just” $7 million would seem like more of a breaking up point.

But his seat in 2018 would be a flaming inferno.

Five wins and he’s gone. They will pay the buyout over time and hiring someone like Phillip Montgomery or Mike Norvell makes that possible. Both could be had for something in neighborhood of $3mm and their buyouts are easily manageable. The difference in their salary vs what he’s making makes the Bielema buyout manageable as well.

Can’t bring back a five win year coach after year five…especially one that under achieved in years three and four.

If this season completely goes down in flames, as his first team did, I think he’s gone, buyout or not. They’d come up with his buyout and the new guy’s buyout, somehow.

If by some sprinkling of fairy dust we finish 11-1 (which would mean West champ, in the SECCG, in the CFP picture, etc.) they’ll be building statues.

The uncertainty lies in between. Where is the breaking point? It might be four wins, or five. Six and a bowl loss won’t get him fired but the seat would be scorching. Anything above that and he’s safe IMO.

Jeff Long wants to win as much as any fan on this board. It’s silly to suggest otherwise. He knows it requires money & facilities to win. He’s done an excellent job at getting both. Do I think he’s made some mistakes in trying to get the money? Absolutely. However, he’s not an idiot. In fact, he knows more about this business than anyone on this board. Doesn’t mean he won’t make mistakes or that we can’t criticize some of what he’s done, but people somehow have the notion winning isn’t important to him–only making money matters. I think that’s just dumb. That’s not his goal.

I also suspect he knows how bad things were when BP had the motorcycle wreck. I also suspect he feels he has a coach who can win & win the right way if he’s given the time & support (e.g. facilities) to do it. I think he’s correct. Time might prove him wrong, but I’d rather go along with his plan of studied patience than to appease fans who do things like fly banners around the stadium. Fans who support his plan for patience, despite what some on here claim, are not “satisfied with mediocrity.” They simply believe slow & steady (even with the occasional stepback) is a better strategy than changing coaches every 4-5 years.