What does it take to get the back-up QB some reps?

Up 42 with 6 min left and no Storey. Allen wasn’t in any danger that last drive since all he did was handoff, surely Storey have done that.

I don’t understand.

Guess we know now just drops ball with no contact

I honestly believe Storey is the backup on paper only…the coaches are inlove with Cole Kelly and believe he will challenge Austin Allen next spring.

I agree that the backup NEEDS!!! live in-game snaps just in case AA sustains injury and cannot return for a play, the remainder of a game or God forbid a season.

But this seems to confirm my suspicions that Mr. Kelley is the most gifted but lacks experience kinda like comparing (Walker vs Whaley) needs experience.

Based on what I’ve seen, there is no way either of those quarterbacks battle Austin for the starting spot next year. He is a 2-year starter as long as he stays healthy.

In theory he’s may be planning to transfer to Juco now so that he would be eligible next year at a Div 1 school.

We need to guard against Ty leaving to test that loophole. Ooops, can’t guard against by bringing him in with only four min left in non-con blowout.

I don’t have a problem with AA still being in the game. I think they still want to work on things before next week. And it’s not like Alcorn was hitting him often.

AA will be the QB until he either physically can’t or he uses up his eligibility. He’s a good QB, he can make all the throws, and he knows the offense.

Allen leaves after 2017 with Ty and Cole not having a combined 15 minutes of game time?

That’s good? It is HIGHLY realistic.

Meanwhile we will be trying to convince the next 4-star QB to attend Arkansas.

Now that’s funny right there…how much “game time” did Austin Allen have coming into this year?

Yes Navy, but it’s a question soliciting your option as to whether it’s good or bad that Ty had meaningless snaps. Your snip ignores a hot topic.

Go Army!

While I would love to see Ty or whoever a little more, the fact is our #1’s need all of the game reps together that they can get. With the defense scoring and the 1 play drives we had, I fully understand why AA was still out there.

Having Allen in the game in the 4th quarter was just not very smart. Why was he playing? What if he had gotten hurt? Our season would have been toast. Ty Storey, meanwhile, looks lost. We are in deep *&^% if Austin goes down…all the more reason for Allen to be sitting.

Apparently having the starting quarterback injured was not enough. Allen was clearly not 100%.

Unfortunately, it is going to take his starting QB getting seriously injured playing late with a huge lead to teach this meat head a lesson. I hope it doesn’t happen, but sooner or later it probably will.

nice thread.
so why wasnt a backup played today ??

i honestly believed last saturday night that Ty was getting ready to try to lead us against aTm after AA went down hard… with no game time reps

Alcorn seemed like a Golden Opportunity to get number 2 some reps.

curious as to why not.

this is not even considering the obvious and traditional rationale for not playing your key player an entire game against a team so obviously overmatched

The only conceivable thing I can rationalize is that he wanted to get Allen and Hammonds (and Whaley a little earlier) some reps together because the rookies’ playing times are about to go up.

Once they took Allen out, I don’t remember seeing either Whaley or Hammonds again either.

But, that said, I thought Ty should have played the entire second half. And this didn’t surprise me, it’s obviously the way Bret does things.

How about we get through 2016 before we worry about after 2017?!?! :roll:

So you wish to avoid the question also.

I’ve said it since mid-August, Kelley is the most physically gifted QB on campus right now and has a great demeanor coaches/teammates love. Obviously they’ll preserve the redshirt unless disaster hits and they think the season is still salvageable, but I strongly think he’ll be the No. 2 next year.

Still, I’m with the group that thinks it’d be nice to see more of Ty and also would like to see him allowed to actually run some semblance of the offense late instead of just handing off (I know, I know, he couldn’t even do that without a hiccup today). Get him some game action. He could use it.

I think we saw why Ty hasn’t got meaningful snaps. This also may be a reflection of practices as well. QB’s have a lot to learn with this offense. Let the coaches handle how and when the back up QB’s are involved in games. They see and learn a lot from the sideline, just like AA did for a few years and that seemed to work out just fine.

I believe you are more than likely 100% correct. WPS