What do you want to know?

Not that I saw. Was with quarterbacks when we were inside.

From the video posted, Stagena had a drop on a short crossing route. Doesn’t mean he didn’t catch 99 other passes.

I hear you. He supposedly has very good hands

KJ told me he weighs 240 pounds now.

Who will be returning punts/KR?

Kicks: LaDarrius Bishop, Myles Slusher, AJ Green, Isaiah Sategna

Punts: Bryce Stephens, Jadon Haselwood, Myles Slusher, Isaiah Sategna

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Lots of speed!!

Oh okay well he’ll probably lose some during camp.I thought he said he wanted to play about 235 but I could be wrong. Does he look quicker??

He said he expects to lose some weight during camp. I think a lot of players come in a little heavier than they are hoping to play for that same reason.

He said he feels quicker. I did not focus on him much today.

Yeah you can count on losing some weight in August LOL that’s good to hear I’m looking forward to seeing him scoot through that line hopefully take it all the way to the house!

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