What do you want to know?

We’re headed to the first football practice soon and will have about a 20-minute window to watch. Let me know what questions you have from the open period and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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Who will be our CFP semifinal opponent? I’ll hang up and listen……


Until they get in pads, just a general how do they look compared to last year would be appreciated. Maybe particularly focused on the Dline, which seems to be the biggest question mark to me.

Rice :grinning:

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Any surprises on who is not practicing or is just gone. Any position changes from last spring or any newcomers who are practicing at an unexpected position.

Sam said Wednesday he couldn’t think of any position changes that have been made that we don’t know about. But we’ll keep an eye out.

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Defensive line and both tackle positions on offense.


2 deep at LT?

Who has the best dreds? Tats?

Tyrus Washington’s hair stood out. Marcus Henderson has a very distinctive tattoo down his leg.

From what I could gather from position group drills: 1) Luke Jones and 2) Devon Manuel.

Trey Knox, great dreads right now.

Hit on left tackle in another post. Right tackle: 1) Dalton Wagner and 2) Ty’Kieast Crawford. Working to get the top three defenses written out.

First OL (from left to right): Luke Jones, Brady Latham, Ricky Stromberg, Beaux Limmer, Dalton Wagner

Second OL (from left to right): Devon Manuel, Jalen St. John, Josh Street, E’Marion Harris, Ty’kieast Crawford

Marcus Henderson was working off to the side today in a no-contact jersey.

The first offense included Jadon Haselwood in the slot and Ketron Jackson and Warren Thompson as outside receivers.

The second offense included Bryce Stephens in the slot and Matt Landers and Jaedon Wilson on the outside. Malik Hornsby had a long touchdown pass to Wilson in the first drill of the day when the second offense and defense were on the field.

The players rotated between inside the Walker Pavilion and practicing on the outside fields during our 25 minutes. When they came inside for the second time they worked on some goal line and AJ Green had a couple of well-blocked runs that would have been touchdowns. Keep in mind there are no pads today.

Can you tell KJ’s lost weight? How did satenga look?

KJ has lost some weight. I couldn’t tell you how much.

I did not see Isaiah. I spent most of my time watching offensive line and tight ends.

Ok thanks

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Did Hornsby take any passes as a wide out?